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Fallout 4 widescreen lighting fix

Fallout 4 has just been released and I’ve been stuck fighting a lighting issue rather than raiders due to stretching the game to widescreen, a massive 3440×1440 due to having an LG ultra-wide monitor, the 34UM95. I’m not sure if this happens with smaller 21:9 widescreens notably 2560×1080, but the lighting has been confirmed to break with a resolution of 5760×1080.

This error typically only happens indoors where there’s a lot of shadows and lights within a small area, but it’s incredibly annoying as it takes up a good third of the screen.

I’m not even sure why Bethesda didn’t support ultra-wide monitors in the resolution selection but there are quite a few of us out there with larger unconventional monitors. To even get the game to run in fullscreen on my monitor I went into ‘Documents’ > ‘My Games’ > ‘Fallout 4’ and then edited the Fallout4Prefs.ini fields to this:

iSize H=1440
iSize W=3440

The above directory is on windows 7 and may differ if you have an alternate operating system.

Now to fix the lighting. If you’re using an ultra-widescreen monitor with Fallout 4 you’ll have go into the ‘Prefs’ file like above and set:


Here’s some screenshots of the lighting surface that appears amidst some lights:

Fallout 4 Lighting
Fig1. – The lighting surface error in Fallout 4.
Fallout 4 Lighting
Fig2. – The lighting inside a Concord building.
Fallout 4 Lighting
Fig3. – How the lighting should look instead of the above image.

There will still be a couple of bugs in the game such as the sniper scope image below, but the lighting one is the most noticeable.

Fallout 4 Lighting
Fig4. – The sniper scope screen.

Klipsch s4a/s4i Earphones Review

Headphones and earphones, there are plenty of brands that make them but few that stand out from the others and boldly go where few dare to venture. Klipsch surely is one of those brands leading the charge for the advancement of earphone-kind everywhere with their stellar emphasis on detail and quality, they can surely make a set of earphones.

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Pokemon Gen 3 Team Randomizer

So I’ve recently been indulging myself in some heated online pokemon battles with a friend, which often includes a side bet or two if we manage to acquire streaks. She’s quite a bit better then me so I figured I would even the odds with a new game mode we can play that’s down to chance a little more then skill, where you can random any generation 3 pokemon which has literally any ability or moves of another pokemon.

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Buttkicker LFE Review

Without prior knowledge, you may think that the Buttkicker is some form of new-fangled electronic device which would kick your butt after you’ve been playing video games for too long. Alas, as good as that would be – you’re not far off from the truth. The Buttkicker is a tactile transducer which converts audio signals (especially deep bass) into rumbling or vibration for the enhancement of digital media, games and simulations. It’s essentially just a bigger vibration (rumble pak) that modern game controllers come with which you can strap to your chair, lounge seat or even your bed to provide the same experience to your whole body! It provides a much needed new level of immersion, intensity and realism to otherwise seemingly dull gaming experiences. But just to quell your excitement right now – No, it can’t be used as a ‘vibrator’… it would kill you.
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Budtrol Tv/Gaming Stand Review

This purchase has been long overdue due to my build-up of basically every console I’ve ever played and no place to store them all conveniently. If you’re interested I currently own an Original Xbox, Wii with a Gamecube built in, Playstation 1 and a few Nintendo 64’s (One is RGB modded in an ice-blue case and a custom blue power LED). The best part is that they all fit onto my Budtrol Tv stand nicely with my framemeister XRGB and an S-video switch with room left over for more consoles if I ever purchase one by adding another tray.
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