Introduction to Buttkickers, what are they?

I’m excited! I bought a pair of Buttkicker LFE’s today and a single amp for $1117 AUD which will be amazing on my Obutto Revolution cockpit which I bought late last year in 2014. However I haven’t had a chance to use it much yet as I’ve moved house 3 times since I bought it and moving the great thing is difficult, therefore I never set it up fully at any of the houses. This is going to change though because in 5 days i’m moving for the final time (This move was included in the first number) to hopefully stay there for 5 years or so and to actually get use out of my Obutto.
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Purchased an Overlord 27″ 1440p 120Hz Monitor

This post is about the new 120Hz 1440p monitors I found that seemed too good to be true and some information on them if your a gamer looking for the next big thing! Read on for more.

The results from my poll about what I should buy myself for christmas 2012 were fairly straight forward as the Asus 120Hz monitor with 3D was leading by a long shot. The problem with the monitor was that it was only 1080p, and i’m a hardcore gamer but not terribly into FPS games which was pretty much the only reason to go for 120Hz in a monitor. If your not a geek then a monitors resolution such as “1440p” is the number of pixels for the height of the monitor, the full resolution name for 1440p is 2560×1440, with the monitor having 2560 pixels along with width for a total of 3,686,400 pixels.

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One Month till Skyrim, Mw3 and Bf3!

If you enjoyed playing Oblivion or have even heard of it, then you’d probably be extremely fricking excited for Bethesda’s massive sequal Skyrim! I won’t lie, I just spent the last three hours on YouTube looking up various Skyrim video’s music and gameplay aspects and it seriously looks like it’s going to be the game of the year. However more games lurk in the dark waiting to be released in November, so read on to find out the most anticipated games this quarter.

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