What the @#&%?! – Terribly Tricky

What the @#&%?! With it’s intriguing name and very enjoyable puzzles you’ll be scratching your head trying to work out how to reach the next checkpoint in this action-packed game of falling text boxes and conveniently overheard conversations. Created by “TheUltimate” from the game maker community you’ll find it hard to put this game down again once you’ve picked it up, so read on to find out why this game is so addictive!

Where to begin? Ah, the menu is plain and simple, very easy to use with the controls in plain sight, the choice of music is amusing fitting in very well with the theme of the game and it made me laugh seeing the face on the menu and how I was about to look after playing this game. It’s interesting because the image fits the description of “Dopefish” a well known youtube video gamer with a flair for the absurd, much like this game. I liked the transitions between each room, it slowly fades in but fast enough to be interesting. Although the game would benefit from a simple background, possibly even from the game.

On first impression the game looks very neat, with a very pleasing aesthetic background that moves with the player at different times to produce an illusion of depth. The foregrounds stands out a little more than the background mostly, so the player is able to determine which they can jump onto and what they can’t, however I have occasionally tried jumping onto backgrounds just because it looked like an object i’ve jumped on before. With that said it could be improved a little more, mostly objects that don’t quite fit the theme yet, such as the water on a few of the levels, it’s nice, but it just doesn’t have the same crisp theme as the mountains and other sprites.


Below is the link on Yoyo games if you wish to download this game after reading this review:

There isn’t much of a story-line throughout the game other than staying alive at all costs, however later on in the game you have to find a key to progress further through the game which you hear about by two individuals in a “conveniently overheard location”. Some of the text boxes are also helpful throughout the game and provide a sense of achievement, when they aren’t trying to kill you. I ABSOLUTELY loved the witty text box comments and pop up messages, they really made the game sparkle, they were extremely well thought out and positioned for the optimum result. I’d love to see more in any future levels you may create.

I love the fact that you can die hundreds of times getting through a level the first time, but when it comes to going through it again, it takes 3 or so lives. That really gives a sense of achievement and also gives the player a chance to beat other people’s times and compare them online. It does however eventually limit the replay-ability of the game, knowing everything that’s coming, therefore I would suggest some “secret” passage ways to find in every level that give a slight bonus when found, such as reducing the time by a little.


I did find a few small glitches, such as if you land on a spiky block while holding the directional movement and the space key you won’t die until you release or move the other way. I also felt that sonic slid too much when landing on a block, as I always found myself falling off blocks i’ve jumped to. One last thing is that escape quits the game instantly, I feel it should ask the player if they actually want to quit because I accidentally bumped escape and lost all my progress i’ve made through a level.

The music was very suited throughout the game, I really enjoyed it and it fits extremely well with the style of the game, it even makes you less annoyed when you die multiple times as it has a subtle humorous feel to it. I would like to see a little more of this themed music in upcoming versions so you don’t get tired of one song if it takes a little longer to complete a level. Again the sound effects fit perfectly with this sonic-styled game, they could even be the actual sonic sound effects they fit so nicely.


Throughout the game I found myself saying “After this death i’ll quit the game for today” but every life I always got a little closer to the finish and thought this time i’ll make it for sure. It really is very addictive and it’s one of the features that I like about the game, because it provides a high level of challenge without being too impossible to win. Placing the blocks in the perfect position and timing them right must have taken ages to design, because there’s so many factors you have to consider such as players speed, what if they survive a trap their not supposed to, and making objects look harmless so the player tries to jump on them, however you pull it off perfectly. A few of the challenges were also fairly difficult to pass, and I still haven’t found a way to pass them, so I would suggest adding a few more text-boxes with hints on how to pass them more easily. Games are for enjoyment and this game sure gives you a lot of it! I only wish there were more levels to play…

This would have to be one of the best games i’ve reviewed so far, on par with “Tale of a Lunel” due to being meticulously put together with an overarching funny styled theme with brilliant text-box comments and play-on-words. There is a very large variety of levels which mixes it up a bit from the traditional land and sky levels you normally see on platformers, with a tip to the reactor level, which was “Brilliance on a Stick”. The music was a delight to listen to and provided the perfect atmosphere for this type of game combining with the sound effects nicely.

Keep up the epic work TheUltimate!, this game I feel, is going to be one of the best, most enjoyable, well thought-out platformers created in game-maker.

~Fluidic Ice~
Game Designer, Programmer and Studier

This is a different rating guide from the Completed Game’s, it shows where the game is ranked right now and after the owner improves features the ratings will change.


Here’s the final score out of 100%:

WIP Story: 65%
WIP Game-play: 90%
WIP Graphics: 75%
WIP Sound/Music: 75%
WIP Fun Rating: 95%
WIP Addict-ability: 100%
WIP Portability: 85%

Total: 83.5%

0% – 24% = Hopeless Game, A Terrible WIP game not even worth play-testing.
25% – 49% = Terrible Game, This game will not prove to be very enjoyable, and may only be played once and forgotten.
50% – 59% = Average Game, A very mediocre game that you may play occasionally to pass time but doesn’t prove to be very enjoyable.
60% – 69% = Nice Game, A game that’s enjoyable but contains lots of errors and ultimately leaves you wanting more.
70% – 79% = Brilliant Game, A game that’s very fun and addicting to play but doesn’t quite stand out from other games, yet.
80% – 89% = Fantastic Game, A very fun game that proves time and time again to be enjoyable and addictive, but contains a few things that could be improved on.
90% – 99% = Amazing Game, Extremely Enjoyable and has lots of replay-ability content, and would benefit from being sold.
100% = Epic Game, A WIP definitely worth selling, you’d probably make a huge chunk of cash.

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