Robo Zombie Removal Squad – Killing zombies, with a robot!

Robo Zombie Removal Squad is the third game by “ProNoob16” from the game maker community. The aim is to survive for as long as possible and rack up zombie kills to get the highest score by the end to enter your name into the hall of fame.

My initial impression was that it looks very similar graphically to the previous game by pronoob called “Rapture” and the premise is pretty similar as well – to survive as long as possible and achieve the highest score.

I was very confused when the game jumped straight into the first level without even a menu screen appearing to let me know what’s happening, to compound this there was no instructions on controls anywhere visible. Although having created a few game maker games I knew that F1 normally displays the help menu, which others probably weren’t so lucky to know about. After reading through the instructions which included a little information about the story and some credits I still didn’t know how to change weapons, although I worked it out by button mashing the keyboard and it turned out they were numbers 1-3.


When I found the menu, it was a typical menu with multiple options, a help button and a button which links to a website, which opens four windows, exactly like the last game “rapture” I reviewed. There was also a short video playing in the background of the in-game action, although it was pretty short and took up 21Mb of the games download.

The levels are fairly straight forward, with zombie spawn points creating a constant stream of zombies if there’s not enough on the map at a time. They ran straight for you making their way around any simple to navigate objects in the way and clumping together greatly if the player avoids them for some time making them very easy to kill. The zombies don’t have a line of sight, they can essentially see you through any object in the way and run towards you no matter what. I believe this could have been greatly improved with a “line of sight” for each zombie which would stop most of them clumping together and gives the game more strategy rather than just running around the outside of the map.


Don’t get me wrong however, there’s still a fair amount of strategy involved in the game, such as deciding whether to go for pickups such as ammo or not with zombies crowded around it. Also deciding when to blow up the explosive barrels which sets off a chain reaction killing any other nearby zombies, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The levels seemed very basic and monotonous in my opinion with only one objective to do. I would have loved to been able to destroy the zombie spawners to complete the level instead of it going forever, this would have given me something else to do and it would have provided much more replay-ability for the game as well as being much more addictive. With the player being a robot the game could have also benefited from having to “recharge” the robot in a certain area if it’s power gets low, which would recharge the weapons ammo and let the robot kill more zombies. If this was added the player would also have to watch how much battery power was left and they would react accordingly, not to mention the other array of features you could add later on such as weapon upgrades.


The backgrounds are nice and are much improved over the previous game “Rapture” which made it hard to differentiate between the foreground and background objects due to being so high contrast and bright colors. This game also has a much cleaner feel to the graphics and looks simpler, however there’s still a fair bit on the graphics side that could be improved, such as a little more detail in the backgrounds and maybe a bigger variety of walls and objects. Some of the walls also looked like background elements still and vice-versa.
The zombies have a very low level of AI programmed with the only noticable difference being the speed between the units. They also tend to bunch up which makes killing them very easy when next to an explosive barrel, if I wanted to I could even survive forever by running around the outside of the map. There’s also no increase in difficulty at all which means there’s no challenge at all for players with more skill or faster reflexes.

I really liked the screen shake effect when a barrel exploded, as it gave the game more depth and it felt like it “came out at you”. It was a little overused especially when multiple barrels were destroyed in close proximity which caused the screen to shake for a good five seconds. On the same note the lighting was simple and effective on the night levels, but would have benefited from a little more lighting around the map, in key locations.


There were a few more small inconsistencies with the game which are as follows: The score screen at the end of the level was fairly hard to read mostly due to the red blood stained background blending in with the red and crimson text. The shooting is very slow, although the ability of having multiple guns was nice, especially the laser. The physics with the barrels weren’t perfect and often went inside the player and then shot off in a random direction. The robots dying sound gets extremely annoying if your being swamped my zombies and “stacks” multiple times creating a loud incoherent sound. The level select buttons are very hard to press as the collision object is offset to the left slightly. There was only one song in the game which often got annoying after listening to it multiple times.

Overall this is a very, very similar game you other game “rapture” as most of the game play elements were the same and there’s little difference in the graphics. The game felt jarred and not all in the correct order, especially since I was thrown straight into the deep end without even seeing a menu screen. The AI is very simple and it’s in dire need of an upgrade which would solve many of the games problems and dramatically improve it’s reception to players.


I sincerely hope you will take the advice and ideas throughout this review to either improve this game or create an awesome new game as I believe they are the tools you need to create brilliant hit games that many people will enjoy.

~Fluidic Ice~
“Game Designer, Programmer and Studier”

This is a different rating guide from the Completed Game’s, it shows where the game is ranked right now and after the owner improves features the ratings will change.


Here’s the final score out of 100%:

WIP Story: 50%
WIP Game-play: 45%
WIP Graphics: 55%
WIP Sound/Music: 40%
WIP Fun Rating: 65%
WIP Addict-ability: 55%
WIP Portability: 70%

Total: 54.2%

50% is Pass.

0% – 24% = Hopeless Game, A Terrible WIP game not even worth play-testing.
25% – 49% = Terrible Game, This game will not prove to be very enjoyable, and may only be played once and forgotten.
50% – 59% = Average Game, A very mediocre game that you may play occasionally to pass time but doesn’t prove to be very enjoyable.
60% – 69% = Nice Game, A game that’s enjoyable but contains lots of errors and ultimately leaves you wanting more.
70% – 79% = Brilliant Game, A game that’s very fun and addicting to play but doesn’t quite stand out from other games, yet.
80% – 89% = Fantastic Game, A very fun game that proves time and time again to be enjoyable and addictive, but contains a few things that could be improved on.
90% – 99% = Amazing Game, Extremely Enjoyable and has lots of replay-ability content, and would benefit from being sold.
100% = Epic Game, A WIP definitely worth selling, you’d probably make a huge chunk of cash.

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