Minecraft Hacks – By Me!

Recently i’ve been learning some java programming to develop some android games, but i’m also playing with minecraft to develop hacks to increase my learning speed and create some cheats for other players who would like to use them on their single player, or multiplayer at their own risk.

So far i’ve managed to create a high jump to let the player jump 3x higher than normal which also works on multiplayer. Underwater breathing which stops the bubble loss while underwater, this one doesn’t work on multiplayer. Invincibility which hides the player from mobs only on single player maps. Fast, which is increased speed and works on multiplayer servers. Invisibility which just hides the player model on single player and knockback prevention, which stops mobs pushing you backwards after hitting you.

They are fairly basic still with hard coded numbers so you won’t be able to set the height you jump or the speed you run on multiplayer, but i’m hoping to add those features later as well as more hacks for the game such as spawning and enchanting items.

There’s no download link yet mainly due to the fact I need to polish them a little more and add a few more features, but i’ll add a link here when it’s available, as i’ll probably just add another blog entry when I release it.

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