Minecraft Platform City – Version 1

I’ve recently been working on my second minecraft spawn area which is just as big (if not bigger) than my last minecraft space station spawn. It’s somewhere around 200×200 blocks wide and almost fully consists of circles in the design of the buildings, interested? Then keep reading!

It’s only about half complete at the moment, but there’s already a hotel with a very fancy looking entry, a large center structure with a beacon shooting straight through the whole thing so players can see it from everywhere and some very nice looking zen gardens in front of the hotels. You can see in the picture there are yellow towers surrounding the entire spawn which light up as well as giving an electrical aesthetic feel.

I really like the color scheme of the building, it was a struggle to get something that looked posh and dark at the same time but the spruce wood pulled it off nicely and i’m incredibly happy with the blue and gold trim on the buildings. I doubt i’ll keep the red in the above image, it just doesn’t quite fit with everything else, and the building will be substantially changed as well. There are only 16 hotel rooms which should be enough for all the admins on any server or a few select players who “rent” them or something, each one has a great view and are very spacious for all your storage needs, although at the moment it lacks security because anyone can walk into any room.

Most of the lights in the spawn will be redstone lamps which will be able to be turned off from the control tower right at the top shrouding the buildings below in darkness allowing zombies and other creatures to spawn and kill anyone below. I figured it would be pretty epic to do so i’ll add it for the fun of it, and admins could have a lot of fun playing with it. That’s about it for now, i’ll add another blog when it’s completed as well as a youtube video so subscribe to my channel for updates on all things minecraft!

EDIT: And here’s the final product: http://www.fluidicice.com/1/post/2013/07/minecraft-platform-city.html


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