The Dan-Bull LoveBomb concept

Now you may or may not be familiar with the YouTuber “Dan Bull” who creates (in my opinion) the best video game raps ever conceived by man. He takes a fairly well known game and rappifies it turning it into an amalgamation of words designed around the game-play factors or anything interesting about the game that deserves mentioning, and raps it to the theme of the game. I’ve been subscribed to his channel for many months now after I watched his league of legends rap and have been awed by his incredible pace of speech but also his ability to fit the perfect word into his raps while making complete sense about the game.

Not only is his channel very entertaining, making him very popular on YouTube but he’s also an extremely generous and spirited guy who cares about all the other un-recognized youtubers out there who are uploading videos with little or no recognition, and there are literally thousands of them! So i’ve decided to showcase a YouTube channel whenever I can through my blogs and share them to get them a little more attention that they definitely deserve.

I will count this blog as the first one about Dan’s channel to start me off, but if you know someone who would benefit from being showcased please leave a comment, because I hate to see hard work go un-recognized! Although you aren’t limited to the people being recognized to YouTube either, even someone who has a very interesting blog tucked away in the corners of the internet feel free to link. Below are some links to Dan’s channel about the love-bomb concept and his league of legends video.


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