My upcoming pc/phone game

This is the game i’ve been working on and the reason why i’ve been neglecting blogs for the past month. It’s coming along nicely and people are in the process of ┬áplay testing it for bugs.

The aesthetics are minimal as I can’t pixel sprite at all, so I have to rely on my photoshop skills until I find someone who can help with that. There will be 4 floors eachwith 20 levels and 3 stars per level which will allow the unlocking of more levels. The levels in order are currently: Piston (Red), Electric (Blue), Antigravity (White) and Chemical (Green). All of the piston levels are done although I do tweak them occasionally for make them more enjoyable and slightly more challenging.

The aim is to reach the end of each level with the main (blue) player using the holograms to open and pass any obstructions along the way. There’s a multitude of obstacles on each floor each designed with the theme of the room, for example piston has, well pistons, cogs, sliding doors and moving platforms. The electric floor has lasers, moving lasers, toggle lasers, electrified floors, electrified floors and more.

The background color in the above pictures represents which level each screenshot is. That’s about it but i’ll leave you with a video of the gameplay footage which is fairly graphically outdated, but it shows the mechanics of how it works.


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