Completely redesigned website!

Recently i’ve been learning HTML and CSS in an online course so I thought it might beneficial to redesign my entire website to learn the code faster and start my website again from scratch. The only down-side to this that I can see so far is the fact that all the links to my previous blogs are now broken and this may cause google to not display my site in the search engine again, especially the many blogs that i’ve written over the years.

I’ll be trying to copy and paste the old blogs and reviews here again to keep my current visitors and position in googles search results but it’s going to take some time to do considering there were over 100 blogs written since I started.

I’m still working out how to make the layout of these blogs the same as the actual site but that may take some time considering that some of the code is hidden. Anyway that is the insight into the new website and why I started it again and this concludes the first ever blog on the new system.

Here are the pictures of the evolution of my site over the years. The current version of the website is 4.0.

Version 1.0: (Made in weebly)
Website Version 1

Version 2.0: (Made in weebly)
Website Version 2

Version 3.0: (Made in dreamweaver)
Website Version 3

Version 4.0: (Made in dreamweaver)
Website Version 4

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