Logitech G13 Gamepad Review

A Peripheral I’ve had for over three years now is my G13 Advanced Gameboard, it’s become a useful part of my day-to-day activities especially making games easier to play and more enjoyable as well as having a nice streamlined comfort feeling to it. So read on below to get the full picture of … Continue reading

Runescape – Or Botscape?

Note: This was written on the 28/09/2011. I recently referred to Runescape on my last Minecraft post, so I thought hey, why not review it, I’ve also been playing it for around five years, which over time I have seen it at it’s best and at it’s worst. Right now it’s … Continue reading

Oblivion – Brilliant RPG!

Bethesda’s latest masterpiece Skyrim is due to be released on the 11.11.11 this year so I thought i’d prepare for this release by reviewing Oblivion which I’ve actually never played before. Skyrim includes extremely high graphics and boasts an impressive storyline and gameplay which everyone is greatly looking forward to, but let’s … Continue reading

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic – Fantastic Storyline

Yet another Star Wars game hits the shelves, but is this one worth the money or is it a dud game attempting to wring you dry of your money. Well I can already tell you that almost every Lucasarts Star Wars game has been brilliant so far, and this is definitely … Continue reading

Fallout New Vegas – Almost as good as Fallout 3

The muchly anticipated sequel to Bethesda’s breakthrough game Fallout New Vegas is now on the shelves and looking much like the Fallout 3, except with a few tweaks. It almost lives up to it’s big brother’s expectations however it falls short in just a few categories which I will go … Continue reading