Fallout 3 – Bethesdas best work, so far…

Fallout 3, commonly referred to as Bethesda’s biggest milestone in the gaming industry and a game that has revolutionized RPG’s. However what makes this game so brilliant? below I’ll delve into each aspect of why players find this game so thrilling and compare against a few other RPG’s along the way.

Runescape – Or Botscape?

Note: This was written on the 28/09/2011. I recently referred to Runescape on my last Minecraft post, so I thought hey, why not review it, I’ve also been playing it for around five years, which over time I have seen it at it’s best and at it’s worst. Right now it’s … Continue reading

Oblivion – Brilliant RPG!

Bethesda’s latest masterpiece Skyrim is due to be released on the 11.11.11 this year so I thought i’d prepare for this release by reviewing Oblivion which I’ve actually never played before. Skyrim includes extremely high graphics and boasts an impressive storyline and gameplay which everyone is greatly looking forward to, but let’s … Continue reading