Tiny Tower – May the biggest tower win!

Tiny Tower is a very simple game, like many ipod games today. The aim is to build your tower as high as possible, by adding various types of shops from five different groups which are: Food, Service, Recreation, Retail and Creative. You may also build Apartments to let you employ more bitizens who work in the various types of shops. Buying new levels to your building requires coins which can be gained from selling various products in your tower, or helping bitizens reach their desired floor via the elevator attached to the left side of the building. Occasionally a bitizen will give you a “Tower Bux” for taking them to their desired level which is equal to around 200 coins or more depending on how many you have. Tower bux are used for speeding up the game monumentally, because you don’t want to have to wait 3 hours for them to build a floor when you can build it right now. You can also get some if a bitizen has a birthday the same day you are playing, or you can download games which come as a popup when you start the game although you don’t actually need to download it, just click yes, press the home button and re-launch the game. The final method of obtaining tower bux is purchasing them through the store on the menu.

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