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Content Backups

Below are the different off-site backups for my content. Some may be updated more frequently than others so check a few sources to see if you can get a newer copy if for some reason you can't get it directly from me. Some may also have more content than others based on how much free space they have available.

Google Drive Backup

• The most frequently updated backup.

• No (large) video files.

• Old files are removed when updated.

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Box Backup

• The second most updated backup.

• Contains all video files.

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Dropbox Backup

• The third most updated backup.

• Contains most of the video files.

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OneDrive(1) Backup

• Infrequently backed up

• Contains all video files

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OneDrive(2) Backup

• Least frequently backed up

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MediaFire Backup

• Infrequently backed up

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