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Is the world getting insane to you!?

Chances are you're confused by the craziness, chaos, deception and evil happening across the planet right now. You may not know what's truth anymore or who to believe. There is Hope!

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The Preparedness Encyclopedia (TPE)

The Preparedness Encyclopedia is a comprehensive and portable collection of crucial information designed exclusively to assist in your survival from any catastrophe that may arise, and to help in the rebuilding of society afterwards.


The Rapture Survival Guide (TRSG)

The Rapture Survival Guide is a comprehensive document focused on the events leading up to and succeeding the rapture of the church. It's designed to guide you through the end times, prove that the Bible is from God and save your eternal life.

The End Times

The world is on the brink of a complete and total collapse...

However this is only the beginning, are you ready for what's next?

Below are some of my Christianity related resources.

Christianity Home

This is the home page for all things relating to Christianity.

The Rapture

The rapture is a 'preposterous', yet very real event which must be fulfilled one day soon according to Bible prophecy. If you don't know what it's all about or you're skeptical about it, then have a read and decide for yourself.

Evidence for God

This page helps you break through the veil satan has set up in an attempt to hide the fact that he, and God exists and that there is a battle for your very soul occuring right now.


So how do you get into heaven? Certainly not by being 'good' by our own standards of goodness. This page outlines the simple A, B, C process you can follow.

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