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Who Is Fluidic Ice?

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Well i'm so glad you asked! If you hadn't picked it up already, i'm the guy to the left, looking all awesome out into the distance and thinking deeply about what to write here to excite and entertain.


No, my name is not actually Fluidic Ice... That would be one set of weird parents if they called me that, but yes I have a real name, it's Chris actually if you were wondering and i'm currently 24. I have also been known as: Liquidium, Fluidium or just 'ice' or 'fluid'.


Well about me, I thoroughly enjoy playing games such as League of Legends which I only play ARAMS on, because weirdo's play normals and get mad when you call solo bot with an annie. Other games I enjoy are Skyrim, Fallout 3, Banjo Tooie, Banjo Kazooie, Modern Warfare 2, Splinter Cell, Fallout New Vegas - Okay let's just say everything from Bethesda Softworks. Woo Fallout 4 is coming!


Here's some random information about me:

Name: Chris

Alias: Fluidic Ice

Age: 25

Country: Australia

City: Brisbane

Personality type: INTJ

Enneagram tri-type: 459

Favourite color: Azure - The blue you see everywhere

Favourite game: Fallout 3

Most anticipated game release: Planet Coaster

Game most played: Modern Warfare 2 - 70 Days Straight

LoL is a close second: Here

Favourite retro Game: Banjo Tooie/Banjo Kazooie

Favourite movie: Iron Man 3

Favourite animated movie: How to train your dragon 1 and 2

Favourite hobby: Photography

Favourite outdoor activity: LED poi spinning

Favourite piece of tech: Galaxy S7 Edge

Favourite TV show: Criminal Minds

Favourite weather: Stormy

Favourite cologne: Creed Aventus

Consoles owned: 12

Pc's owned: 3 + 1 laptop

Chosen superpower: Invisibility


Random facts:

I hate slow computers.

I hate slow internet.

I love high definition.

I typically buy the most expensive one when making purchases.

I love complex epic orchestral music.


Coincedentally it's one of my life goals to work there as I love designing and programming games as well, and as everybody knows they are at the pinnacle of gaming entertainment and have a fan base of millions of players who thoroughly enjoy their merchandise.


Other things I enjoy doing is creating music which you might have worked out already from the two albums i'm currently working on, which consist of electronic and dance music. Eventually i'll start on an epic/classical album called something else random ending in "ium" which will be good because I love epic orchestral music such as Two Steps From Hell.


My Pc setup
Fig.1 My Gaming multi-screen setup. (Geek much?)


Oh, I forgot about "normal people" things like what music, movies and tv shows I like. Well currently i'm into Doctor Who, The Big Bang Theory, The Office, Criminal Minds, Archer, Star Trek and The Legend of Korra to name a few. Movies will be a lot more complicated because I like action/adventure and Sci-Fi movies that require you to think to understand them such as: Inception, Back to the Future (And all other time travel movies), Star Trek, The Hobbit, Anything with Jim Carrey, Steve Carell or Rowan Atkinson in it, The Hunger Games and others like that.


This is getting to be an essay, nearly done only a few more lines to go.

I love my computer... Well when it doesn't blue-screen, which tends to be often since I think my RAM has something against me. Anyway I enjoy upgrading it and adding new components to it so it's the fastest thing in the street, I'm currently set up with a multi-monitor display featuring 2 x 1440p displays and 1x LG 3440x1440 monitor, which cost a ton of money but is completely worth it. I have two GTX 780 TI's powering the lot which cause an actual space-time distortion around the case due to so much awesomeness. Oh and it sounds like a jet.


Here's some more pictures of my setup with my multiple screens, photography studio, music studio and gaming setup:


My Pc setup
Fig.2 My Obutto Revolution gaming cockpit! They currently aren't evenly adjusted.


My Pc setup
Fig.3 Inside my gaming pc, with 2 780Ti's, 1200w PSU, 16GB RAM, 4770k and Maximus VI Hero MB.


Well I think that about sums it up. I'll be updating this whenever I can or if anything changes, but thanks for reading this far if you're still here, I can't be that interesting can I?


I guess I will never know.

Photography Information

Camera: Sony A7RII

Sony 'E' mount - Full Frame


Lenses owned:

Sony E SEL30M35 30mm F3.5 Macro

Sony FE 35mm f/2.8

Sony FE 16-35mm

Sony FE 70-300mm

Sony FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro


Lenses to buy:

Zeiss Batis 85mm f/1.8 Lens for Sony E Mount

Sony FE 55mm f/1.4 Lens

FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro Lens


Memory Cards: Sandisk SDXC 10/3 256Gb and 128Gb


Filters: ND (49) 8, 32, 100, 1000, CIR-PL (49) x2


I edit my pictures with Adobe Lightroom, FastStone image viewer and Irfanview.



Thanks for taking a look at my website! Now you wouldn't be here unless you wanted to contact the artist behind the website, music and textures. Perhaps you just want to give me praise about the fantasticly (or horribly) designed website?


Or maybe you would like a product your company has designed to be reviewed by me? If you said yes to one of the above you're in luck and here's my email address:




There's also a form to message me below if you aren't able to access your email immediately.

Licence Agreement

Well now down to the boring stuff, the licence agreement and proper use of my content:


You may redistribute my work as long as you give me credit alongside anywhere it is used and never claim it as your own work.

You can create derivative works containing my content but I would like to know when and how it's being used and possibly advertise it if it's awesome!

You may not use my work for commercial purposes or any profit orientated projects without my permission.

You may not redistribute or upload my work in a downloadable form on websites or peer to peer networks.


Here is an acceptable credit system for the use of some of my music and photographs:


(If music is used)

"Music by Fluidic Ice - Digitalis"

"Music by Fluidic Ice - Ameliorate"



(If photographs are used)

"Photographs by Fluidic Ice - Twilight Bliss"



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If you're feeling particularly generous then perhaps you would like to donate to keep this website alive and kicking, because computers eat food too!




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