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The Preparedness Encyclopedia

The Preparedness Encyclopedia is a culmination of knowledge on almost all subjects related to survival and preparedness, put together in such a way that can be used easily on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone in a disaster. It's created so anyone can have access to life-saving knowledge in the event the internet goes down or the worst does happen such as world wars, pandemics, disasters or even supernatural events.

  TPE Contents

The current categories on TPE. Click for full size image.


There are currently 2 different versions each update which are detailed below:


PDF Version (Recommended)

The best version to download, simply transfer it to your device and open with any PDF viewer. This is by FAR the least CPU intensive version and it will run smoothly on virtually any mobile device. However this comes at the cost of being able to edit the sheet and you also can't use the built in hyperlinks at the moment.


Desktop Version

This is the version I edit primarily which works best on a computer or laptop due to the functions, frozen rows, groupings etc. Other versions contain less excel code functions to help it run easier on smaller and slower devices while keeping the content the same.



Current Statistics

• Categories: 81

• Size: ~32.5Mb

• 20,000+ Rows

• 1,456,133 Words

• Time Editing: 1,355 Hours Straight (56.4 Days)


Due to work commitments I try to release a version every month packed with new information - i'm currently working on it at a rate of about 4 days a week so the amount of updates at the end of the month will significantly add to the information each release.

I would love shares and reviews if you have a YouTube channel, preparedness blog, or other website that you could share it around on. My only wish is that it saves lives in times of need and it's better to have it and not need it.



A 100% free and clean download - forever - But don't take my word for it.

If you don't know which type to download, go for the PDF version as it's the easiest to use and the fastest to run.


Download Latest

• TPE PDF Version: 3.00 - 34.6Mb - Apr 2019 (.pdf)


Previous Major Versions

• TPE PDF Version: 2.03 - 32.5Mb - Feb 2019 (.pdf)


Once downloaded, transfer it to your phone or mobile device immediately before you forget!

Due to the size restrictions of my hosting plan I will have to delete older versions of TPE as I bring out new ones.


Donations are appreciated and for any donations of $5 or more you'll receive the Excel (.XLSX) file as a bonus.



How do I view the sheet?

After downloading the sheet, put it on your Pc or Mobile Device, then open the .pdf file with any pdf viewers on mobile or pc, or the .xlsx with Excel or Google Sheets.


The Excel file runs slowly on my Pc

Older versions of excel (2007 and 2010) run much, much faster as there's no visual effects on those versions. Also scrolling through the document quickly on newer versions of Excel can crash the document, so use the hyperlinks or go slowly. If you're just reading the sheet, I recommend the .PDF version.


It's been a while since your last release

I aim to release TPE around once a month but sometimes I just get so busy that I don't get much time to work on it and it doesn't feel like it's worth releasing a new version. Check back next month as I try not to skip more than one month in a row.


I've found incorrect or missing information in TPE

If you've found a problem in the guide please contact me via email letting me know the problem as specifically as you can, including what section, subsection and row it's on (as the row may have changed by the time you notify me) and i'll try to fix it by the next release.


Could you add/update my website/channel to the MEDIA section?

I sure can if you let me know the name of the channel, the type of content you upload and provide a link to it. As long as it's preparedness related it will be added to the sheet next release under the respectable heading. You should be able to search by using Ctrl+F to find it in the next version.


Could you add a section/category on ______?

If you feel that there's a category or subcategory missing in the guide please let me know what the category is and why you feel it should be included and if it will prove useful to other preppers I will try to add it in the next release.


For other FAQ's that aren't shown here, please take a look at the FAQs section in TPE.



I appreciate any and all feedback you have on TPE, so submit through the contact page form or via email. Let me know what you love or what parts should be forcibly thrown out the window, as well as anything that can be improved.


1,355.47 - This is the (last updated) number of hours i've spent hunched over the computer, inputting data and aligning cells to present you with the majestic sheet you have before you. If you like what i've done and want to help me with my mission please donate what you can to the cause.


For every dollar that's donated I will literally sit down and work on TPE more than I already am, for about an additional 30 seconds per dollar! So for the love of TPE, please don't donate $1,000,000! (347.2 days worth of time) So all the money goes straight back into the sheet to become even more glorious.


• Paypal: fluidicice (at) gmail (dot) com

• Bitcoin: 1FxcWnDDAKDnxgPHp8p9kRvNDLTUDNuJWi


I'm still deciding whether or not to do a patreon subscriber bonus where monthly donators can receive mid-month releases and have special credits. If you would like it added let me know.