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Here are the resources i've produced for anyone to use in games or other media that are free to use, all I ask is that you give credit for using them.


Are you ready for some epic dance music? Here you'll be able to peruse my quite large library of songs i've created. Pandemonium is the newest album.


The Preparedness Encyclopedia is an excel spreadsheet full of information on every topic you will ever need and more in a SHTF or disaster situation. I update it monthly daily with new tips but release versions every month.

An Artificial Existance

Set in a dystopian future where artificial intelligence was once at its prime side by side with humanity, before one man decided to attempt a merger between AI and human souls. Following the journey of Alex, a 25 year old aiming at reversing the effects of this damage they set out into a disjointed world.


Here you can find some of my best shots of everything ranging from nature to macro and street shots.