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I’ve been spending some time on “Bellabeth’s” community server enjoying the weekend activities and the hunting of griefers which is always fun. If your looking for a nice little server with friendly people, read on!

Now if you don’t know Bellabeth she’s an awesome youtuber with a fantastic singing voice like that of an angel. She’s most famous for her rendition of Tobuscus’s dramatic song in german which at the time of writing has over 300,000 views, along with many other well known covers such as portal – still alive and the dragonborn comes. She’s also uploaded many of her own songs as well which are very professionally done and sound awesome. Below is her youtube video of the dramatic song:

The server is comprised of 4 moderators at the moment from all around the world to keep a watchful eye out over the land and many other people who are the citizens of the land who build their houses while trying to stay alive from the mobs  that roam the land. There aren’t many rules, except for the obvious which are:

1. No griefing, which includes using lava, fire or breaking other peoples houses.
2. No stealing other people’s items from their chests!
3. PvP is enabled so be nice to everyone, although you can initiate fights with other players if they agree.
4. Pay tribute to the bellabeth statue! Okay not really but it’s a good idea to stop her from killing you 😉
5. Have fun!


It’s an awesome little server that’s been running for about a month now, and people like to hop on and join in on the events when they are running. The first event ever “The Hunger Games” was a success as 25 people were in at once and the server was at maximum capacity.

Although there can be a few griefers sometimes the admins always watching out for them and have built a jail for wrong-doers to repent of their ways or be kicked for good. Although repeatedly killing them is always a fun option as well!

Once you’ve built you house you can do anything from playing pvp or spleef in the arena, helping out another person gather resources or player kill (with limits of course).

So if your bored of your single player minecraft game come and give the server a go, we’ll be happy to see you as long as you follow the rules. The servers address is: “”

Below you’ll also find a statue that a couple of us built in the early days of the server and below that a video of Bella and I (Fluidic Ice) messing around killing a few players.


Update 11 February 2013: We’ve now been through 2 different maps and now on the third which we’ll be keeping for awhile longer. There’s now a total of 8 mods as well who keep a watchful eye on the server.

Update 17 December 2014: The servers been shutdown due to some inactivity, considering it’s over 2 years old now, it lasted pretty long.

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