Minecraft Space Station 2.0!

You may be familiar with my minecraft space station, or even downloaded the previous version. The truth is it looked pretty bland, and I needed to add some of the more modern minecraft features to it such as a beacon beam going through the whole station. Not to mention there were floating letters and staircases all around it.

There are a few major changes to the map, mainly the beacon in the middle which restores players hp and increases their speed almost everywhere on the station. The floating objects around the map were also removed, if you remember the last version there was a whole string of letters just floating in mid air which represented the name of each mod available at the time. I’ve also added more buildings for resource collection but left a few open areas so people can continue to build outwards and houses if they wish from the spawn.

Update: I now have a newer and much more intricate spawn city found here:

Anyway here’s the download link for it, which includes my texture pack (Dokucraft Fluidium) Which has a fair few textures i’ve manually edited myself.

Download Here

Feel free to leave a comment about what you think.

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