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Well this is my first but hopefully not my last minecraft mod in an attempt to learn java programming. So as you would expect it’s a pretty simple concept. What does it do you ask? Well read on below to find out.

Linecraft limits you to a single row of blocks in the world from the activation of the mod, sounds pretty simple right? Wrong! Everything that you would normally take for granted is much, much harder to achieve from things like:

Walking around a mountain – You now have to either go through the mountain or over it building a support structure as you climb up sheer cliff faces.

Running from mobs – We can all agree its pretty simple to run from zombies, but when there’s one either side of your escape routes, but now, much like the mountain you either have to go through the zombies or kill them while trying to avoid any others in the area.

Construction – Houses take a whole new level where you can only build as far away as you can reach, this creates a new challenge for creating beautiful houses, although ladder and vine climbing is left un-impaired so you can still create houses with multiple levels.

Linecraft has gone through a few revisions, in the latest version the map is now slimmed down to 9 rows of blocks instead of only limiting you to the only one row of blocks. You can only build a max of 4 blocks away either side of you not including the row you are on which is where the number came from, it also gives you more possibilities of building designs. Mobs and chests are still visible outside the typical 9 square row so you can see when a creeper is approaching and lets you decide what actions to take.

The actual blocks aren’t deleted when you toggle Linecraft on either, they just render invisibly letting you play as normal again if you wish. Items that move the player have been disabled as well to prevent glitches, for example, ender pearls. Beds have been edited to let the player still sleep in them, but always wake up in the correct lane. There may be other glitches I haven’t found yet but if you do happen to find one please leave a message below and i’ll get back to you.

The reason I made this is because I found minecraft way too easy even on hardcore once you’ve built a house so I thought limiting the area you can go is the perfect way to achieve this as it forces you to develop new tactics for evading mobs, building houses and the rules to understand are extremely simple.

If you fancy a challenge or find minecraft too easy as is, then give it a go! All it requires to install is “minecraft launcher” or any other minecraft mod launchers found around the web.

Here’s the download for version 1.52, (Compatible with minecraft 1.5):

If you find a problem with the mod or feel like leaving a response about your thoughts, leave a comment below and i’ll get back to you!

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