Minecraft Platform City – Version 2

I’ve been designing another spawn area in minecraft recently which is approximately 200×200 blocks wide in a circlular shape, mainly for some experience designing levels in games but also being able to enjoy myself doing it.

These will mostly be pictures just to show how the spawn is progressing, the first few are the early stages of it’s development to show how I made it.

EDIT: This build is complete, find the full article and the download here:

The whole spawn is based on circles which give  it a very unique feel, a sleek and stylish look which is what I was going for, there’s also a gap for redstone between every level to get the lights to turn on and off which I will work on later. At the moment the pilons around the outside can be turned on and off from the centre complex, they used to be able to flash but that caused monumental lag.


The poles around the outside light up fully and are controllable from the control tower right at the top of the spawn, most likely a place where mods will hang out. There’s going to be a place for everyone to chill out in the spawn, from the disco in the middle to the hotels around the edge and the slums underneath for those unprivileged enough to live on the top.

The last picture is the current one of the spawn with the “sky veranda” built and visible, the whole spawn is about half complete right now. Anyway that’s about it, leave a comment if you want and stay tuned for the release which should be within a month!

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