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The Preparedness Encyclopedia

"The Preparedness Encyclopedia is a comprehensive and portable collection of crucial information designed exclusively to assist in your survival from any catastrophe that may arise, and to help in the rebuilding of society afterwards."

Download TPE

Download the latest PDF version

TPE is a huge compilation of every preparedness resource you'll likely ever need, composed in a presentable and easy to search format. It contains everything from water to shelter to communications and even entertainment which will give you a significant edge in surviving any disaster you may face.

My aim is to cover a huge range of the topics you MAY need rather than covering just the basics like preparedness and survival. These other categories such as electricity, crafting, leadership and language are there if you need them because you can never predict when or where disaster will strike. To keep the file size down I only have pictures that are vital and try to explain the topic in detail where necessary to avoid excess pictures.

If you love my work consider donating!

TPE Contents

The categories on TPE as of version 4.00. Click for full size image.


Current Statistics

• Complete: 54.2%

• Categories: 80

• Size: ~43.7Mb

• 1,700+ Pictures

• 22,722+ Rows

• 1,930,000+ Words

• Time Editing: 1,514 Hours Straight (63.12 Days)

I try to release a version each month or so packed with new information, however you may find some incomplete or placeholder sections which will be filled in at a later date, so don't forget to come back monthly for the latest verson!

Other Downloads

PDF Version

TPE can easily be downloaded with one click to your mobile device or pc and opened with any PDF app/viewer.

Download Latest

• TPE PDF v6.02 - 43.7Mb - Sep 2019 (.pdf)

Download Older Versions

• TPE PDF v5.01 - 40.1Mb - Jun 2019 (.pdf)

• TPE PDF v4.08 - 38.4Mb - May 2019 (.pdf)

• TPE PDF v3.04 - 34.5Mb - Apr 2019 (.pdf)

Excel Version

If you would like the excel version with additional features such as hyperlinks please donate five dollars or more to the cause and you'll receive the(.XLSM) file. I don't want people choosing this file instead of the PDF as it's MUCH slower on mobile devices and even some desktops. Donations only get you the current excel file and not all releases from then on.


Please share and review TPE if you have a channel, blog, or website! Link me to any reviews you have so I can fix any problems you pick up.

Mailing List

Join the mailing list if you would like to be kept up to date with the latest releases of TPE. You'll receive an email when a new version is released (generally monthly). To join the list enter your email below and select the Mailing List radio button.


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How do I view the sheet?

After downloading the sheet, put it on your Pc or Mobile Device, then open the .pdf file with any pdf viewers on mobile or pc, or Excel or Google Sheets for the excel (.xlsm) version.

It's been a while since your last release

I aim to release TPE around once a month but sometimes I just get so busy that I don't get much time to work on it and it doesn't feel like it's worth releasing a new version. Check back next month as I try not to skip more than one month in a row.

I've found incorrect or missing information in TPE

If you've found a problem in the guide please contact me via email letting me know the problem as specifically as you can, including what section, subsection and row it's on (as the row may have changed by the time you notify me) and i'll try to fix it by the next release.

Could you add/update my website/channel to the MEDIA section?

If you let me know the name of your channel/page, the type of content you upload and provide a link to it i'll add it to TPE next release and you should be able to find it by using Ctrl+F.

For other FAQ's that aren't shown here, please take a look at the FAQs section in TPE.

Fun Fact: TPE is pronounced "Teepee".


I appreciate any and all feedback you have so submit it through the contact page or via email.


If you love what i'm doing and want to help out with server costs or buy me a coffee consider donating!

For every dollar that's donated I will work on TPE for an additional 30 seconds!

• 1/3 of donations goes towards providing potable water in third world countries.

• 1/3 goes to creating more content and keeping the servers up.

• 1/3 helps to keep me alive and working on the sheet.

Bitcoin: 1FxcWnDDAKDnxgPHp8p9kRvNDLTUDNuJWi

Those who donate are featured in the CREDITS section of TPE.