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Current Projects

The Preparedness Encyclopedia (TPE)

The Preparedness Encyclopedia is a comprehensive and portable collection of crucial information designed exclusively to assist in your survival from any catastrophe that may arise, and to help in the rebuilding of society afterwards.

The Rapture Survival Guide (TRSG)

The Rapture Survival Guide is a compilation of information based on the rapture of the church. It discusses what to expect as a result and the future events which will shortly take place. It covers the tribulation period and every disaster that will occur as a result of God's wrath on earth. It also covers the subject of Christianity and proves that the Bible is a book written by God and originates outside of space and time. Most importantly it will tell you how you can accept Jesus Christ and become saved so you can spend eternity in heaven.



An introduction to Christianity and why everything happening in the world today is part of God's plan.


Information on all things preparedness and prepping related.


Photographs I've taken which I am particularly proud of. These are free to use if you link back to them.


A collection of all the music I've produced over the years.

My Games

These are games I've been working on at any point. None of them are complete, but some are playable.

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