Offline YouTube Prepper Archive – How To

As preppers, knowledge can be the biggest asset in a grid-down situation. It can allow you to ‘loan’ skills and ascertain quicker results than if we attempted to try things ourselves without any prior knowledge. One of these biggest hubs of knowledge right now is the video streaming website YouTube. … Continue reading

Electrical Gauge Specifications and Conversion Table

Lately I’ve been working on a backup lithium power station for those situations when the grid power goes out. You might (or might not – if you watch mainstream media) have heard that many countries have been having great difficulty with their power generation lately and have been losing power … Continue reading

The Preparedness Encyclopedia (TPE) – Version 10

Version 10.00 of The Preparedness Encyclopedia (TPE) has been released and is now available for download at: The Preparedness Encyclopedia Version 10 is another partial visual update featuring 20% larger text to all content, larger headings, subcategory icons and new category title pages. A lot of content throughout the guide … Continue reading