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An Artificial Existance

An Artificial Existance is a trilogy based around the life of two friends struggling for survival in a post-apocalyptic world after the uprising and dominion of artificial intelligence.


Excerpt from Chapter 1

She started slowly, then darted through the blasts to her ally's position. Undoing a leather cover from a pouch, Mog pulled a glowing body of light and launched it towards the taser. The weapon made a gulping noise and absorbed it. "Ammunition ready!" Without a reply, Mark closed one eye and aimed at the shells. They lunged for the two, but he was quick enough to beat their beams. When the smoke cloud cleared, the duo found two radiant orbs lying where their junk pile once existed. The two relaxed and walked to the glowing prizes. Mog picked up the green orbs staring at them in wonder for a second before stuffing them into her satchel with a clink. Realizing her pile of pens and pages were missing, she frowned.



Flicker of Humanity

The first in the series of books setting out the robotic post apocalyptic world and the goals of the quest.


Soul Origins

The second book in the series going back to the ancient egyptians and discovering the invention and rise of orbs and a man determined to live forever.


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