Reclaim your Passwords!

With the rise of cancel culture in recent months I’ve been seeking new ways to leave the big tech companies and get back to controlling my own data just in case they ban or delete my accounts. If you aren’t familiar with cancel culture, simply put, it’s when a company or series of companies purges your profile, videos and data from their platform because they disagree with something you say or do. An example of this is Parler when Amazon pulled its servers from under them.

This is a terrifying accumulation of power which we as customers have given them over the years due to simplicity, convenience and the discounts they provide us. Because of this I’m transferring this power back into my own hands by moving my services to smaller companies bit by bit since it would be a challenge to do all at once.

What bothers me most of all is that companies such as Google are actively trying to accumulate as much power over you as they possibly can. One argument I recently thought of in support of this is your passwords. How many of you know the passwords to your online accounts? Do you actively try to create a password which is complex enough but memorable, or do you utilize Google’s automated password generator?

This process works a treat if you’re in-step with Google’s (leftist) policies, but what if you weren’t? What if Google decides to block every one of your accounts including your stored passwords for every website you’ve ever visited? Will you be able to log back in to them and change your password? I doubt it would be easy. It would be virtually impossible if your backup email IS gmail which would now be blocked.

I’ve recently found Ctemplar, an encrypted email service which – most importantly – is a small company with a dedication for user privacy. I’ve started transitioning all my email accounts to Ctemplar over the past few weeks and it’s been going well. I’ve also lined up alternatives to Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Search and have been creating memorable passwords and writing them down. Sure that’s not best ‘industry practice’ but who would break into your house for a book when there’s a TV and computer right next to it?

Don’t get me started on the amount of personal information these massive corporations are skimming from us and creating a profile online about literally everything you’ve ever done… But I will leave that one for another time.

Reclaim your passwords today and avoid the cyclone of cancel culture that’s coming towards us rapidly!

Excel Shape Distortion / Flattening Fix

If you spend a lot of time in Excel and have ever tried printing images you’ve imported, you would probably notice that they come out squashed, distorted or stretched. This is a problem that has plagued me ever since my huge Excel projects of TPE and TRSG which contain hundreds of images between them.

After much searching through posts online I finally found a solution to the bug which Microsoft hasn’t ever bothered fixing. You have to go into ‘Page Layout’ > ‘Fonts’ and select the ‘Metro’ font.
This doesn’t actually change the font of the cells, but it does change the fonts used for the headers and footers of the Excel sheet.

I decided to dive deeper into other fonts that don’t alter the images because I hated the style of the ‘Metro’ font on my headers and footers. After a lot of testing I found 5 fonts in total which are the most accurate when printed. That’s not to say they are perfect, but they are off by such as small amount that you won’t be able to tell the difference.

To find the fonts which are least affected by this glitch I inserted a circle into my excel file swapping between the fonts and measuring the length and the width of it each time. This gives you the middle column below. This column shows the stretch of the shape and which direction it’s stretched in. If the width (first number) is bigger than the height, this font creates a horizontally stretched circle and if the height is bigger, this means the circle was stretched vertically.

Afterwards I subtracted the difference between the two number which gives me the ‘Offset’ number which signifies how warped the circle is as seen in the table below. The table below lists the different fonts in Excel 2010 and their offset. The lower the number on the end, the more perfect the shape. You could get away with a 1 or even 2 without people noticing the warping, but try to stay low.

These are the links which proved invaluable to me to figure out where to start to solve this problem:
Excel will not print images at correct height/width!! (Post by “Chinchilla”)
Images distorted when previewing or printing from Excel

Font Name Font Type Width / Height Offset
Office 92×82 10
Office 2 80×77 3
Office Classic 92×80 12
Office Classic 2 80×77 3
Adjacency 92×82 10
Angles Franklin Gothic Book 71×71 0
Apex 80×77 3
Apothecary 80×69 11
Aspect 64×68 4
Austin 80×69 11
Black Tie 92×82 10
Civic 71×70 1
Clarity 80×77 3
Composite 92×82 10
Concourse 71×69 2
Couture 92×82 10
Elemental 80×86 6
Equity 93×83 10
Essential 80×77 3
Executive 80×86 6
Flow 80×75 5
Foundry 80×73 7
Grid Franklin Gothic Medium 71×71 0
Hardcover 80×77 3
Horizon 92×82 10
Median 80×77 3
Metro Consolas – Corbel 80×80 0
Module Corbel – Corbel 80×80 0
Newsprint 92×80 12
Opulent 80×74 6
Oriel 80×79 1
Origin 80×84 4
Paper 80×75 5
Perspective 80×77 3
Pushpin Constantia – Franklin Gothic Book 71×71 0
Slipstream 80×74 6
Solstice 80×84 4
Technic 80×77 3
Thatch 80×77 3
Trek Franklin Gothic Book 71×71 0
Urban 71×70 1
Verve 80×69 11
Waveform 80×75 5

The Rapture Survival Guide (TRSG) v8.27

“The Rapture Survival Guide is a comprehensive collection of information focused on the events leading up to and succeeding the rapture of the church. The guide is designed to help you survive the perilous times ahead, avoid deception, prove that the bible is from God and save your eternal life.”

The Rapture Survival Guide is a compilation of information based on the rapture of the church. It discusses what to expect as a result and the future events which will shortly take place. It covers the tribulation period and every disaster that will occur as a result of God’s wrath on earth. It also covers the subject of Christianity and proves that the Bible is a book written by God and originates outside of space and time. Most importantly it will tell you how you can accept Jesus Christ and become saved so you can spend eternity in heaven.

Download TRSG Here

Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately) after the rapture I won’t be here to share this guide with those who need it so if you’ve found it helpful please share it to anyone and everyone you can so that they too may be saved. You can also print it if you wish and leave copies in peoples mailboxes or put it into flash drives and give them out.

If millions of people simply vanish from earth, wouldn’t that be enough proof to believe in the rapture? There will be a GREAT deception right after it happens – likely with lights or UFOs appearing in the sky worldwide. Do not be deceived and read this guide.