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Welcome to the first YouTube reveal, today I’ll be showcasing a brilliant YouTuber by the name of Blood Zelos who currently has 25,000 subscribers. He specialises in building tutorials in the popular video game Minecraft with the occasional parody video and survival games episode where he plays with fans.

Blood Zelos otherwise known as Alek, is a building mastermind who develops entertaining videos in the ever popular game Minecraft where his purpose is to help those who aren’t as adept at construction to develop good looking houses to live in. At this point he has over 100 building tutorials on different styles of houses ranging from hobbit holes to modern houses and even castles. This is surely the channel you’ve been looking for if you’ve been wanting to create intricate and detailed cities that look as good as they get in minecraft. His videos are also wittily edited and often provide a laugh while following along or just watching for the entertainment.

Here is his latest video and introduction to his channel for anyone who isn’t subscribed yet:

He also participates in various parody videos in which a small team works together to re-word a popular song and relate it back to minecraft, these take much longer to produce but are fantastic when complete and draw in a wider audience to the main attraction – the building tutorials.

I must admit I’ve picked up my fair share of building tips from him even though I’m already a pretty good builder, it’s his methodical attention to detail and use of style and theme that really makes his buildings stand out. He also does a fantastic job at explaining every step you need to take when designing and creating your own buildings from the ground up complete with internal furnishings and trim. But these video’s aren’t only limited to houses, he also demonstrates how to create many other types of structures and techniques such as making your castles, towers and shops stand out from the crowd. This combined with the very easy to follow steps and humorous intro scenes makes it your one-stop shop for anything minecraft building related.

Here is a medieval house tutorial of his:

Not only does he design houses but there’s also survival games videos (AKA hunger games) where he is pitted against relentless foes wanting to slaughter him and whichever friend he takes along on the journey. These are always entertaining as anything can happen and the comments made while playing are often brilliant and also quite random. But wait there’s more!

If you want to stop building shacks and start building plazas, head to the link below!
Blood Zelos YouTube Channel

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