Minecraft Platform City

It’s finally here! My biggest and most ambitious minecraft project is finally complete. If you remember my minecraft space station this is approximately twice the size of it and consists of three times the detail, boasting a radius of 165 blocks and over 1.25 million edited blocks inside it’s walls! It contains everything a prospective server needs and more!

Minecraft Platform City

All I ask in return if you decide to use this spawn is to:
1. Keep the credits command block intact and functional, found on the ground level of the main building.
2. Do not alter, claim, distribute or re-upload this spawn map anywhere else other than your server files.
3. (Optional) Leave a comment on either the YouTube video or this blog with your thoughts on the spawn.

And that’s it! You’re done and free to use the spawn on your server.

Recommended Plugins:

  • Exactspawn (To set where the players spawn)
  • Spawn Protect (Protect from the centre out to a 165 block radius)


  • A chest/door locking plugin
  • A rollback plugin like worldguard

Minecraft Platform City

Disable firespread, or the entire thing will burn down if any part of it catches fire. You can do this if you are OP on a server with: “/gamerule doFireTick false”
You can also press the command block I placed on the bottom level of the spawn that will do this for you.

Minecraft Platform City

If you’ve got the spawn up and running with more than 20 players on it, I would love to take a look at it so I can gather information about how people are using it for my future builds. Simply send me an email (Address found under “Contact”) with your servers address and preferred time I come on (Try to convert to east Australian time) and i’ll see what I can do. Also I would prefer it if you gave me the ability to fly so I can easily get access to the hard to reach places and OP only areas, but this isn’t necessary. As you should know my in-game name is “fluidic_ice”.

Minecraft Platform City

I highly recommend you play this map with the Dokucraft “Light” texture pack which can be found below:

The spawn consists of:

  • One dedicated PvP arena with included viewing stands
  • 4 noticeboards for server rules, announcements, mods etc
  • Relative spawn teleports to access other areas faster
  • One huge dedicated capture the flag (CTF) minigame arena
  • A multideck central tower
  • Support for up to 300 player house teleports
  • Supports up to 4 warring factions in the caves under spawn
  • Beautiful scenery
  • A huge climbable lit avatar tree
  • Room for player owned shops
  • A beautiful lake surrounding the city
  • Awesome tunnels from every side of the mainland
  • Multiple cafe’s
  • Plenty of space for server shops
  • Space for player owned shops
  • Many nooks and crannies to explore
  • Room for up to 6 mod houses with an upstairs and downstairs
  • Two hotels with 6 rooms coming off them
  • A Fireworks lever
  • A lever to enable and disable the lights below
  • OP only buttons to change the weather, time and difficulty
  • A lottery button which gives a random player a certain item
  • A party deck
  • A normal map around the spawn with most of the biomes in the game; from desert, forest and jungle to ocean biomes

Minecraft Platform City

Minecraft Platform City

Seen enough? Download it here!

Minecraft Platform City

The download includes the spawn placed into a minecraft world which has been integrated with the surroundings to look natural as well as the McEdit schematic if you want to place it into your own map. (Warning this takes a long time to do, which is why I included a version with a map)

Minecraft Platform City

Here’s a pretty random list of the blocks used in the spawn that are over 500, if anyone’s interested about how many blocks were edited to create this masterpiece:

(0:0),Air: 10,518,037
(9:0),Water: 665,124
(98:0),Stone Bricks: 161,944
(1:0),Stone: 159,168
(5:1),Wood Planks: 133,321
(17:1),Pine Wood: 18,400
(20:0),Glass: 17,106
(35:7),Gray Wool: 14,103
(134:7),Spruce-Wood Stairs: 11,338
(18:0),Leaves: 8,800
(3:0),Dirt: 8,383
(35:4),Yellow Wool: 7,353
(126:1),Spruce-Wood Slab: 6,310
(102:0),Glass Pane: 6,034
(17:0),Wood: 4,806
(2:0),Grass: 4,117
(35:11),Blue Wool: 4,041
(89:0),Glowstone: 3,621
(18:1),Pine Leaves: 3,501
(13:0),Gravel: 3,417
(124:0),Redstone Lamp: 3,257
(85:0),Fence: 2,876
(53:0),Wooden Stairs: 2,422
(43:0),Double Stone Slab: 1,853
(31:1),Tall Grass: 1,594
(16:0),Coal Ore: 1,425
(109:7),Stone Brick Stairs: 1,355
(98:1),Mossy Stone Bricks: 1,316
(18:3),Jungle Leaves: 1,146
(98:3),Circle Stone Bricks: 1,071
(15:0),Iron Ore: 1,000
(35:8),Light Gray Wool: 913
(126:0),Oak-Wood Slab: 872
(5:0),Wood Planks: 791
(18:12),Leaves: 576
(18:4),Leaves (Permanent): 560

Total: (Excluding Air) 1,264,180 Blocks

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  1. azarlea says:

    This spawn is going well on the server I created for my son and his school friends. They love getting lost and exploring the huge ‘city’ and finding all it’s hidden treasures. I even found a hidden chest with lots of goodies 🙂

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