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Everywhere you look in 2020 there are signs of global panic taking hold as the system we once knew comes to a breaking point. This panic seems to be felt worldwide and comes in the forms of:
● A worldwide pandemic which continues to spread rapidly throughout most nations, causing shutdowns of most shops, millions of layoffs and an economy artificially propped up;
● National unrest and widespread riots in a multitude of countries such as America, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Brazil, Paris, the United Kingdom, Canada and Chile among others;
● Brewing tensions between multiple countries such as China and India, Egypt and Ethiopia, and Turkey and Greece each of which has the potential to escalate to war;
● Colossal plagues of locusts in Africa that have never been seen for hundreds of years, causing mass food shortages for much of the continent;
● The ongoing conflict between Israel and Muslim countries escalated by the annexation;
● And to top it off the terrifying increase in earthquakes around the world in both frequency and magnitude.

People are beginning to wake up and ask the bigger questions like: “What if the system doesn’t re-stabilize?”, “What if I lose my job permanently and can’t afford to feed my family?”, “What if the economy collapses due to the shutdowns?”, “What effects will the 2020 U.S. election have on the world?”, “What are the causes behind the madness?”. Unfortunately most people don’t have answers to their questions and are at the end of their rope. They simply can’t handle the daily stress and utter chaos in the world anymore and choose to take the easy way out, sadly as someone I knew recently did.

TPE is becoming more relevant by the minute as the face of our planet vastly changes day by day. What we once knew, even back in January is now a distant memory, in a time when the problems of the world couldn’t be further away. This chaos is now in our own countries, cities, towns and amidst our own families causing dissent and the breaking down of the very fabric of our society.

I recommend we all dust off our bug-out plans to ensure they are up to date and are still viable in the chance you need to use them in the coming months. Go through your BOBs and ensure your food is still within their expiry dates and your purification tables and other medicines are also within their limits. It may also be wise to purchase any last minute items which you were eyeing off just in case the economy does take a fall and you aren’t able to purchase gear any more.

It may be too late to start prepping now if you aren’t prepared already as many of the supply chains are broken, people are panic buying, riots are ensuing the world, millions are out of jobs and businesses remain shut. There is no easy way out of the downward spiral that we’re currently in, especially when the economies of the world remain closed and lawlessness abounds. The evil behind it all is to break the stranglehold of capitalism we’re in and institute socialism in America and a global government to rule over the nations of the world. This is being accomplished methodically through the dismantling of: the law (law enforcement and policies); harmony (blacks vs whites, rich vs poor); the values (traditional biblical values) and the history (statues and historical art) to allow a rebirth of a new world order from the ashes of capitalism, brought about by the very people living within its borders in every country.

The future of the planet seems grim at the moment and the decline will continue as morality and the values our great countries were founded on continue to be eroded. The conspiracies section in this guide focuses on the goals of this stealthy subversion and the continued demise of godly countries, including real world examples of how each one is being fulfilled or has been fulfilled. If you’re losing hope in humanity, terrified of what is to come, scared to leave your house or are asking any of the questions mentioned above, you should look at the only source which has been completely accurate to date – the bible. The stage is almost completely set for the end times to occur, where everything will change in the twinkling of an eye and a string of disasters of ‘biblical’ proportions take place. If you don’t believe any of it, that’s fine – just keep in mind the events which have to be fulfilled below and return when they happen.

Keep your eyes out for the release of version 9 of The Preparedness Encyclopedia in August 2020.

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