5.25″ Drive Bay Storage Box Review

I like searching ebay for random useful components for my pc, and I was amazed when I saw there’s a storage box that fits my 5.25″ front bays, so being me I bought it on the spot and am now reviewing it after having it for a year or so.

This is just going to be a short blog purely because there’s not much to talk about on this somewhat small item. As you can see from the pictures the drive fits nicely in any 5.25″ drive slot you may have available although there’s a 1mm gap between the top of the door and the drive bay which lets out a small amount of light from my pc, which isn’t really bothersome but I thought i’d make a note anyway. The storage room inside is actually a lot bigger than it looks in the pictures, because the tray doesn’t fully come out like a cd tray does. The above pictures show the tray fully extended but doesn’t show the other half of it that’s still inside the pc.

I love the storage this tray brings! I can put anything inside it from, screws, to keys, discs and even my pc lighting controller with spare batteries. This makes it brilliant if your at a lan party and need to go inside your case to change something, just open the tray grab the screwdriver and get to work. I use mine to store discs and driver discs as well, as once I had to reinstall windows during a lan party, which made it somewhat more bearable that I had everything I needed with me.


One feature I also love, is that if you flip the storage box upside down the screws don’t fall out, or even out of the little tray that’s included which you can see on the pictures, this stops everything getting messed up in the bigger compartment if you accidentally flip your case upside down. The unit as a whole doesn’t feel very strong however like it’s made out of cheaper materials, but for the price of $25 who really cares, and it’s lasted me a year so far!

If your interested in buying one of these bays, you can purchase this one or something similar:



Here’s the final product score out of 100%:
The higher the score the better.

Price: 85%
Durability: 40%
Size/Weight: 75% (Higher is more compact and lighter)
Features: 75%
Aesthetics: 45%
Usefulness: 75%

Total: 65.8%


0% – 25% = Terrible Item, The item will break shortly after purchase and will leave you with a paperweight only left for discarding.
26% – 50% = Meh Item, A very poor item that you would use and forget about after a few months of use, or may break quickly and degrade over that time.
51% – 75% = Good Item, This item would satisfy your needs for a long time but isn’t the best quality around and may need replacing or become outdated after a year or so.
76% – 90% = Fantastic Item, An item that you need but may either cost lots or wear out over time and may eventually need replacing after 2 or so years.
91% – 100% = Amazing Item, An extremely durable item that will suit all your needs for the device and more, as well as lasting many many years.

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