Prepper Burnout

This is an excerpt from my PDF ‘The Preparedness Encyclopedia (TPE)’.
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The Signs
The following are signs of prepper burnout. Prepper burnout is the becoming frustrated, tired or wanting to give up prepping for various reasons.

Sign 1: They only read pessimistic new articles and ignore an encouraging outlook.
Sign 2: They don’t see the beauty or pleasure in daily life, being focused on the end.
Sign 3: They spend all their money on securing goods and nothing for themselves or their entertainment.
Sign 4: They visit preparedness websites daily which can slowly reduce their optimism and outlook.

These are some simple ideas on how you can fix prepper burnout if you see it occurring.

Resolution 1: Realize that the world ending tomorrow is possible but not very likely.
Resolution 2: View prepping as a hobby and the skills you gain through it. Hobbies should be worked on in your free time and generally aren’t thought about every second of every day.
Resolution 3: Find a healthy balance between prepping and enjoying life.
Resolution 4: Focus on buying food and gear you will use in daily life and which won’t be just stored on a shelf.
Resolution 5: Take a break and focus on other activities or a skill that has links to prepping such as archery.

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