Modern Warfare 3 vs Battlefield 3 – All out war… For your money

The battle of the year has begun with Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 in an all-out war for sales around the 8.11.11, being MW3’s release date. Both games have shown gameplay trailers of around 10 minutes in length, with battlefields coming out first and supposedly scaring the team at Infinity Ward into creating one. But most gamers are only interested in the multiplayer content and they’re saying that Modern Warfare will just be a re-skin of the other Modern Warfare maps, guns, perks and game modes.

One of the major factors that will affect my decision on which game to get is if Modern Warfare 3 has dedicated servers and not these cheap “hosts” that give very poor connection to people from the other side of the world.

Modern Warfare 3 has the selling advantage as millions of gamers have played or still play Mw2 online, and it’s a very well known franchise. I believe this fact will contribute to Mw3 selling many more thousands of copies than BF3, not to be prejudiced or anything, however I am a bit of a Mw2 fan-boy.

EA have been adding shiny new features to their games and updating old ones, one one of these being the destructible buildings. If you didn’t know you can destroy buildings and have pieces flying off and killing players in the vicinity and get the kill for it. Battlefield 3 also has an array of different vehicles which is something Mw3 won’t have in multiplayer, apart from the killstreaks you can obtain.


Steam is the widely used Pc program that most games today are used to run on, such as the Modern Warfare series, you can also purchase games from it’s shop and chat to any other friends you have made online. Battlefield 3 however will be using a service known as “Origin”, a new clone of the steam application for EA games only, which is a terrible move for Electronic Arts due to Steam being the most widely used gaming medium on the web. I read a nice comment on a forum about this issue and a user suggested “EA is just shooting themselves in the foot trying to compete with steam”. Which couldn’t be more true.

I personally will stay with steam just because:
1. I’ve got all my friends on Steam.
2. It has EVERY game (except EA’s games) with the possibility to buy more.
3. Having both accounts would be a pain to chat, and to play games.
4. I’ve grown to like Steam’s interfaces and I know where to find things.
5. Origin is a stupid name.


I would actually rather not buy any more EA games to stay on steam, than to have two accounts switching between them constantly when I want to play Crysis 2 or Battlefield 3. Therefore overall i’d have to choose Mw3 over Bf3, I will however make my decision based upon what my friends get, along with many other people, and it’s still too early in the production to make a final choice until i’m presented with the final products of each company.

Below is a YouTube video of Ali-A discussing the differences between the two games and which console will affect the games the most as well as what each will contain, while he plays some of his Black-Ops clips.

(Will add video later)

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