Mw2 Multiplayer only choosing American Hosts?

If you played Modern Warfare 2 as much as I do, then recently you might have noticed increased lag in almost every game you tried to join. The game is now choosing American hosts more than ever the past week or so, leaving every other player at one bar (out of 10) which is equivalent to around 200ms of ping making it almost impossible to play. Thousands of players are very angry about this change and the fact it appears that the code has been changed to ONLY pick American hosts, even if every other player is lagging hard at 200ms ping. I believe games should be created fairly and not give an edge to American players just because the game is made there, as eventually it will drive every other player away from it.

These changes have made me feel that if Mw3 doesn’t have dedicated servers I won’t be buying it, as i’m hating this lag along with every other player from other countries.

If you’d like to change your four bars to 10 i’ve described how to do it below along with a few other settings:

Go to: ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\call of duty modern warfare 2\players’
(For WIndows 7)
Open the file: “config_mp.cfg” in notepad
Press ‘Ctrl + F’ to find the setting your trying to change shown below up to the first “:

seta cl_maxPing “100” (default value is 800)
This will connect you to a server with maximum X amount of ping

seta hud_enable “1” (default value is 1)
Enable/disable your HUD

seta r_fullscreen “1” (default value is 1)
Play in fullscreen/windowed mode (fullscreen is 1, windowed is 0)

seta cg_ScoresPing_MaxBars “10” (default value is 4)
Total number of latency bars. The more bars, the more precise the ping will be displayed.

seta cg_ScoresPing_Interval “20” (default is 100)
Ping interval
Note: If you have ping interval on 100 it means you have a 100 ping when you have full bars. If you have your ping interval on 20 it means you have 20 ping if you have full bars, and 20 extra ping for each bar that is gone, so if you have 6/10 bars you have a 100 ping.

Press ‘ctrl + s’ to save the file
Close the File

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