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So I’ve recently been indulging myself in some heated online pokemon battles with a friend, which often includes a side bet or two if we manage to acquire streaks. She’s quite a bit better then me so I figured I would even the odds with a new game mode we can play that’s down to chance a little more then skill, where you can random any generation 3 pokemon which has literally any ability or moves of another pokemon.

Firstly if you’re not familiar with pokemonshowdown online here’s the link:

To play with the generated pokemon from my program you have to challenge a friend with the ‘custom game’ mode from the dropdown boxes on the website above. As far as I know no other game modes will accept the ridiculously disfigured pokemon that it creates.

An example of a pokemon it generated is a Kyogre with a wonder guard, leftovers, and four moves which are Nature Power, Aromatherapy, Volt Tackle and Covet.

This little program I developed in java pumps out a text file of 6 pokemon with basically any combination of moves, items, abilities, EV’s, natures and the chance to be shiny fully cut and paste compatible with pokemonshowdown. Each pokemon is more ridiculous than the last and it makes for quite an interesting battle when that level 100 rattata could have fire blast, hyper beam, thunder and earthquake as well as wonder guard which borders on invincible for a ‘normal’ type pokemon.

Here’s the download link:

This program has absolutely no viruses inside and you can trust it if you download it from my website. But if you don’t believe me, download it without extracting it and scan it with any programs you wish. Although I figured some may give false positives because of the included .bat file.

If you encounter any incorrect pokemon names which appear as question marks when you load up the team, please go to my contact tab and let me know so I can fix it!

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