Minecraft Space Station – The biggest project i’ve done

Hey guys, just thought i’d post a few pictures of the epic world i’m currently working on in minecraft. It’s a series floating islands set in space, therefore there’s no ground in sight. Each island grows a specific type of renewable resource from trees to wheat to mushroom farms which is then carried back to the center of the station via minecarts for storage.

The outer structure of the station is almost completed, I just need a few more rooms for new resources that are collect-able such as vines. There are also a few floating objects around the base which i’m currently looking for a space to place them in such as the staircases in the 6th picture down. The insides are very bare as seen left, but all the lighting is complete to prevent mobs spawning around the base and to also stop endermen taking random blocks from it. The game is in survival mode but I have also used MCEdit to get rid of the blocks and create staircases and other misc items. I’m hoping to have the flashing lights controllable from my lookout point which is the big ball on top of the structure by having redstone leading down to a maintenance area, which i’m currently working on. There will also be a set mob spawning facility which will let mobs spawn so I can run in and collect their various resources.

If you aren’t familiar with the renewable resources in minecraft here’s a link you can look at: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Renewable_Resources
I should be able to create all of them upon completion of the base.

If you’d like to view the pictures a little bigger, just click on them! No more having to hold ctrl and scrolling in.


Update 1: There is a new blog of this space station which has been updated to include some new features found here:

Update 2: I now have a newer and much more intricate spawn city found here:

That’s about it, leave a comment if you like my world or want to see more pictures as I complete it.

Download Here: I updated the map and made it even more awesome as well as updating the texture pack to the most recent version, it can be found here: http://www.fluidicice.com/1/post/2012/11/minecraft-space-station-20.html

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