Buttkicker LFE Review

Without prior knowledge, you may think that the Buttkicker is some form of new-fangled electronic device which would kick your butt after you’ve been playing video games for too long. Alas, as good as that would be – you’re not far off from the truth. The Buttkicker is a tactile transducer which converts audio signals (especially deep bass) into rumbling or vibration for the enhancement of digital media, games and simulations. It’s essentially just a bigger vibration (rumble pak) that modern game controllers come with which you can strap to your chair, lounge seat or even your bed to provide the same experience to your whole body! It provides a much needed new level of immersion, intensity and realism to otherwise seemingly dull gaming experiences. But just to quell your excitement right now – No, it can’t be used as a ‘vibrator’… it would kill you.
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