Levels of Preparedness

This is an excerpt from my PDF ‘The Preparedness Encyclopedia (TPE)’.
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This is a classification of all preppers and gives a general idea of how prepared they are, what skills are known and their commitment to prepping.
A lot of assumptions are made such as the amount of space the person has and that they have a job.

Level 0 (Sheeple)
A prepper, but someone who doesn’t participate in disaster preparedness at all. At most they have three days of food in the pantry for power outages or strong storms.

Level 1 (Wannabe)
A person who has been impacted by a disaster, TV series or other media and thought prepping is a good idea and they decide to take a few minor steps and stock a few extra items. At this stage they either fall away from prepping or pursue more information. Generally this stage is about reading, watching and understanding what preparedness is.

Level 2 (Beginner Prepper)
Someone who has a weeks or so worth of food, a BOB and some action plans for disasters. People at this level are starting to get serious and often just buy, buy, buy to fill their BOB and pantry.

Level 3 (Prepper)
This type of person is becoming quite invested in being prepared for disasters with a BOB, skills and knowledge in survivalism and a month to 4 months worth of food and water per person. Usually people at this stage overfill their BOBs and generally have some simple plans for bugging out.

Level 4 (Confident Prepper)
This stage marks an increase in food and water again to around 6 months per person and they are looking into alternative bug out plans and may have a vehicle for it. They look at items critically and only keep what they need. People usually start to spread out into alternative bags such as INCH bags and GH bags. These people spend a lot of their free time preparing.

Level 5 (Hardcore Prepper)
Preppers at level 5 have usually branched out into a working prepper pantry where they use the items they are stocking and replenish every week, have a complete lightweight BOB and extensive plans for bugging out in multiple types of disasters. They still have a job but spend most of their free time preparing.

Level 6 (Devoted Prepper)
These people spend almost all of their free time prepping and have extensive knowledge about most aspects of preparedness. They have a stockpile of food and water from 6m-1y per person and are slowly consuming it and adding to it. They may have a plot of land and a building for a BOL stocked with some food but they definitely have multiple plans to GOOD in a SHTF situation.

Level 7 (Doomsday Prepper)
An extremely prepared person who devotes every waking second to prepping, they often have a job related to prepping or have quit their job to pursue it full time. They have many years worth of food per person, vast amounts of experience and often have bunkers or BOLs filled with supplies and often have family drills for SHTF situations.

Where are you at on your prepping journey?

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