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These are the different classes of preppers you may encounter on your preparedness journey. You may fit into one class perfectly or be split up over a few different ones to help shore up some of the weaknesses. Some you want to avoid and others you should aspire to, but they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

The Sheeple
A person who doesn’t prep but can be considered a prepper at level 0. They believe that no large scale disasters will happen to them and that electricity, food and water will always be available on demand.

● Less worry and stress
● They save a ton of money
● A swift death

● Thirst/Hunger
● No skills
● No knowledge
● Limited gear
● Potential death during disasters
● May have to join a gang to survie in times of complete disaster

The Hoarder
A prepper who simply stockpiles supplies such as weapons, food and water, neglecting most other things.

● Tons of supplies
● Ability to share their supplies with others
● May be able to barter their supplies

● Requires constant stockpile rotation
● Limited skills
● Limited knowledge
● A theft target
● Costly

The Accidental Prepper
People with a natural tendency to be prepared such as INTJs and related personality types. They often prep short term and for multiple scenarios without realizing it.

● Wise in general
● Prudent thinkers and planners
● ‘Accidentally’ ready for disaster

● Not prepared for long term disasters
● Not prepared for ‘rare’ disasters
● Limited, or no bug-out plans

The Typical Prepper
Someone with a BOB, a Bug out Plan, a stockpile for a few months and home defences. They watch other preppers online, buy useful preps and take actions to shore up their preparedness skills.

● Solid baseline for preppers
● Knowledge of a lot of preparedness skills
● Keen interest in survival

● Still a way to go to learn all the essential skills required
● May suffer from prepper burnout after realizing they are only at the start
● May lose interest in prepping
● May find it hard to spend money on prepping vs entertainment items

The Survivalist
These preppers have honed bushcraft skills and can live off the land if the situation calls for it. They can find wild edibles, craft shelters and purify water with only what they have around them. They are often solo but this helps to greatly increase their stealth and speed up their journey.

● Can survive in the woods
● Plant/Animal Identification
● Medicinal plant experience
● Natural plant remedies
● Stealthy when solo

● Loneliness
● No stocks of food
● Plans to only bug out
● No comforts of home
● May not survive in a widespread, nature killing disaster

The Homesteader
They own a house, land and usually a farming plot and animals for self sufficiency. They are self sustainable and can grow, manufacture and recycle what they need at home.

● General homestead skills
● Surrounded by family
● Can save money
● Self sufficient
● Not dependant on civilization
● Ample storage space
● Can produce what they require

● Costly to set up
● Large area of land to protect
● Hard work to maintain
● Not inclined to bug out
● Crops can easily be stolen/destroyed
● Cold winters can eradicate their food source
● May not have access to news

The Self-Defence Prepper
In good shape, knows hand to hand combat and is concerned about smaller daily disasters. They have, or are in the armed forces and have military experience.

● Very fit
● Can protect themselves
● Great at stealth
● Great at teamwork
● Knowledgeable about combat

● Lacks preps and stockpiles
● Weak against guns
● May not trust others

The Minimalist
They keep their stockpile to a minimum and focuses on skills to further reduce the weight of their pack. They may drill holes in their toothbrush…

● Spends less money on fewer items
● Great skills
● Light and fast travel
● Knowledge replaces gear
● Can leave their old life easily

● Spends MUCH more money on ultralightweight gear
● Lack of gear when bugging-in
● May spend a lot of money on their quest for knowledge

The Know-It-All
Gains knowledge about prepping but doesn’t do much to actually prepare. They can spend hours watching YouTube videos getting ideas but rarely puts any of them into action.

● Good knowledge on prepping
● Can lead others
● Can assist others

● Unprepared
● Few items
● Needs real world experience

The Economist
Focused on protecting their wealth via precious metals and stockpiles for barter in SHTF. They may also aim to profit from a disaster by bartering essentials for precious metals to sell afterwards.

● Can barter what they need if SHTF without stocking up on anything
● Only have to worry about stocking up on one type of resource.

● Neglects other preparedness areas such as knowledge and skills
● They rely on the fact that metals and tradables can be used as money and that people will be honourable

The Doomsday Prepper
Prepared for a complete global collapse for an extended period of time. They are often armed to the teeth and occasionally have a heavily fortified castle, bunker or BOL.

● Prepared for anything
● Comprehensive bug out plans
● Huge stockpiles
● Lots of time to prep
● Rehearses often
● Completely off-grid

● Costs an absolute fortune
● Often seen as paranoid
● Ridiculed
● Fixated on prepping and not enjoying life
● May quit their job to prep

The Tactical Prepper
Sees the world from a tactical perspective. They have likely been in the army and have planned very carefully for disasters and an attack on their home. They acquire a lot of tactical preps and focus on defence and stealth.

● Good defence from technology
● Has detailed Topographic maps and other military equipment
● Tactical Gear
● Can survive harsh environments
● Has some survival knowledge

● May be too tactical
● May not trust people

The Religious Prepper
Committed to their religion and often focuses on religious disasters such as the rapture and armageddon. They generally have goodwill to everyone else and will assist others in need.

● Community and shared beliefs
● Cares for others
● May share resources
● Won’t take the lives of others

● Narrow view of potential disasters
● May be taken advantage of due to their goodwill
● May run out of supplies quickly

The Gun Enthusiast
A prepper who focuses on guns and weapons training. They have multiple guns and explosives and a variety of other weapons stockpiled. Generally they will stay and defend their land at all costs.

● Great gun skills
● Has a ton of ammo stockpiled
● Great marksmanship
● Advanced tactics
● May be able to make their own ammo

● Often ignores other skills
● May become looters when they run out of supplies
● May kill others unnecessarily

The Getaway Prepper
A prepper who will leave their usual home in the face of any danger. They have a BOL with extensive detailed plans to reach it no matter the scenario. A BOV is at the ready at all times.

● Always ready if they need to bug out
● Usually physically fit
● Not attached to physical possessions

● BOL may be looted or destroyed
● Bug in may be more beneficial
● Few supplies at home
● Weather may not permit leaving home

The Defensive Prepper
Believes in defending their home and has taken the necessary steps to stay inside no matter what type of disaster they may face.

● Extensive stockpiles
● Plenty of weapons for defence
● They know their surroundings well
● They can set up strong home defences and booby traps

● May not have a BOL
● Possible death if the disaster is heading towards them
● No supplies if they are forced to leave
● Expensive to prep for a hurricane

The Fearful Prepper
A prepper who expects something bad to happen every day and sees the negative in the world. They check the news daily or hourly. They could possibly be into conspiracy theories.

● Keeps an eye out on the news
● First to know any breaking news and therefore can bug out quickly
● Can see the driving forces behind the world

● Puts life on hold to prep and doesn’t plan for a regular life
● Always worried about disaster or embraces it and wants it to happen
● Can’t see the good in the world

The Compassionate Prepper
A person who preps for the good of mankind, stocking up on knowledge, resources and skills solely to help others in disasters.

● Shares resources
● Helps those in need
● Builds great relationships
● Often great leaders

● May be taken advantage of
● May run out of resources quickly
● May be attacked or mugged

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