Jacob Weber Music – Fantastic YouTuber!

It’s time for another YouTube reveal, where I showcase a YouTuber who I particularly like so they can get the attention they deserve! This week it’s Jacob Weber, an awesome music composer and video effects specialist.

Jacob Weber Music

I’m not quite sure how I originally found his channel, as I recall I was browsing videos for a few hours before I came across his awesome music. The style of mixing music and effects with real life footage isn’t seen very often in music, although you may be familiar with “MysteryGuitarMan” who also uses this style to accompany his videos.

Jacob Weber Music

The effects Jacob creates in his music is fantastic! From teleporting himself around the house, hand drawing cartoon replicates of the instruments, having a stop-motion-feel song with a very grungy papery look to the video and my favourite one which is playing the instruments while particles “drip” from him. I’ll embed that one below because it’s a must see video!

Jacob Weber Music

As a music composer I thoroughly enjoy his channel because it’s light hearted, the music always cheers me up and he’s trying so hard to make these video’s enjoyable and awesome for all of the viewers out there watching. Not only is his music very catchy, but the video just rounds off the whole channel as one of the must see YouTubers, I just can’t understand why he’s only got 1k subs?? I’m going to send a tweet out and see how many re-tweets it can get to get some more attention on this fantastic YouTuber!

Jacob Weber Music

I would have added a picture of ‘Blue Aqua’ however it’s really an effect that can only be observed by watching the video in person. You can find the playlist that contains it below:

If that’s not enough he also lets us download the music for free! What more could you ask for? Here’s the link to his channel below as well as his twitter and anything else you may want:

Subscribe: http://bit.ly/Mj4vQb
My Second Channel: http://full.sc/JNXPtd
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JacobWeberMusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WeberJake
Instagram: @JacobWeberMusic
Donate: http://bit.ly/LyGLa3

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