Overlord Monitor V2.0 Update Review

Now if you haven’t read the other reviews already the information you most likely are looking for will be in there on the panel and some specs of the beast, this update is just a quick amendment to keep you informed about what’s changed.

Just when I thought that my overlord monitor couldn’t get any better they had to bring out an improvement, which for obvious reasons I snapped up pretty fast. Version 2 includes a thinner bezel, because it was honestly an entire inch last time making surround or multi-display setups to have a large black bar between the screens. Fortunately this has now been narrowed down to about 1cm making it much more pleasing to the eyes when using those multiple displays we all like. Another improvement is that the logo on the old monitor was rather awkward and large on the bottom-front of the panel, this has now been subdued and looks much cleaner then before.

The biggest change is the stand, and if you owned the previous model, it was terrible, my last review pointed out that it shakes from side to side when the table was bumped, it had limited adjustability in pivot and tilt and had no height adjust at all! The 2.0 stand however is a gift from heaven! There’s a HUGE height adjust with around 20cm of lee-way either up or down and don’t get me started on the swivel which is almost 360 degrees. You can even pivot this monitor vertically now as if the other new features weren’t enough. Although it does still have a VESA mount so you could have technically mounted the old version to your own arm or something, I must also point out that the new stand is mounted onto the VESA mount so you can’t have both, if you wanted to do that for some reason.


I love the new position of the outputs as well, they are now on the back-right of the monitor (facing it from the front) instead of the bottom and I absolutely hated plugging in my cables whenever I had to set it up at lans or just moving my pc.

Now the only down-side I can think of for Version 2 is that the stand is much heavier then the last one and made completely out of metal unlike V1’s plastic counterpart.

Anyway I hope this update has answered some of the questions you had after reading the full review and I still completely recommend the monitor to anyone who wants a nice detailed IPS 1440p screen which can be run on most modern computers. (unlike 4k displays which are still emerging and require powerful GPU’s to run)

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