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This is a freaking brilliant program I found the other day while trying to decide whether to buy a White or Black Corsair Graphite case. Before then I had spent days choosing components, sizes and colors for other parts of my new build but I couldn’t decide on the color of the case, which is where this program came in helpful!

First up here’s the site:

Now being hopeless at deciding anything to do with personal choice I searched for “Decider” in Google and found this neat program, input the decision I had to make, in this case what color case I should pick and wallah! It spat out white, the color I preferred but couldn’t actually pick myself for fear of choosing the wrong one and possibly wanting to change color after I buy it.

Those are the cases I was choosing from, although the black case also has a window on the side the same as the white.

So I then entered another decision “When should I purchase the Pc components” and my options were: 1. Before the release of Skyrim, Mw3 and Bf3.
2. Wait for after the release dates.
3. Never purchase these components.


And it came out with:

It’s two for two so far, I was actually even going to wait until after the release dates anyway, but I just wanted to know what it came out with. Now for the third decision between buying Skyrim, Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3 or combinations of them.

Fail…. Well it got two out of three, the actual answer is most likely to be Skyrim and Modern Warfare 3, but it’s been fun. Now that I think of it you could use this program for alot more than simple decisions your unable to decide, you could use it for dares, or a party game where you ask questions such as what should I eat first and many more. So give it a try and see what happens, and post a reply if it helped you or comes out with something ridiculous, or if you think I should buy the black case.

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