The Preparedness Encyclopedia (TPE) – Version 7

The seventh version of The Preparedness Encyclopedia has been released! You can find it at the link below.
Download TPE Here

If you’re not sure what it’s all about:
“The Preparedness Encyclopedia is a comprehensive and portable collection of crucial information designed exclusively to assist in your survival from any catastrophe that may arise, and to help in the rebuilding of society afterwards.”

I’ve been working on this guide almost every day since June 2017 and it has substantially grown from 10 categories to 82 and contains 25,700+ rows of valuable information. The PDF file is designed to be put on a mobile device and forgotten until needed and can be searched for your particular needs during disasters – but as preppers we should be practicing our skills on a daily basis to give us the best fighting chance.

Version 7 contains a COLOSSAL visual update to 70% of the guide converting most of the data from the ‘cell format’ to an easier to read ‘Word Document’ format. Sorry it’s taken so long! This should greatly reduce the need to zoom into it as much. Most of this update consists of the new formatting but there is also quite a bit of new content in many of the categories, but particularly in SHELTER and GEOGRAPHY.

The guide is constrained to a size limit of 100mb but it’s currently well below that at about 49mb. It’s also designed to be fast and to be read on your mobile device by any PDF reader while you’re on the go, which will make it easy to use during any disaster (as long as you have power). It can be read on phones, tablets, laptops or desktops and easily be transferred between them based on your needs.

For details on what’s new in this version, see the “UPDATES” section in the guide.

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