The Rapture Survival Guide (TRSG) v7.48

Has the world been plunged further into chaos with the instant disappearance of born-again believers in Jesus and young children? Do you want the truth of what’s happened rather than hearing the lies the media will undoubtedly tell you? Well if so then this guide could save your eternal life!

“The Rapture Survival Guide is a comprehensive collection of information focused on the events leading up to and succeeding the rapture of the church. The guide is designed to help you survive the perilous times ahead, avoid deception, prove that the bible is from God and save your eternal life.”

This guide is designed to explain what the rapture is, what happened and it will actually tell you what’s going to happen in the future as per the bible. The aim of the guide is to inform, save your eternal soul and to help new Christians through the time of the end – otherwise known as the tribulation.

You can view the free guide here, (don’t forget to download)
Download TRSG Here

This is an extract from my primary guide “The Preparedness Encyclopedia”.

The rapture is a preposterous idea because nothing like this has ever happened in modern times before and one would think someone is insane to believe in such a thing. But I have more than enough evidence that there is a God outside space and time who loves us, all you need to do is read His word and see the truths for yourself. But if the rapture has already taken place, wouldn’t that be enough proof to believe? There will be a great deception right after it happens – likely with lights or UFOs appearing in the sky worldwide. Do no be deceived and read this guide.

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