Traditional vs Modern Ethics

This is a table on topics such as Abortion, Marriage and Homosexuality describing the opposing viewpoints between Modern and Traditional thought processes with bible verses backing up the traditional view.

Today we see our world falling into chaos, one news headline after another as we lose the traditional and Godly values which used to uphold our society.

Why is a person who was a man allowed to compete against women in weightlifting?
Why are so many mothers killing their babies in abortion only to later regret it and contemplate suicide?
Why are men who dress up as women allowed to read stories to children in libraries?
Why are so many people convinced they evolved from chimps and not divinely created?
Why can’t parents discipline their children physically anymore, causing rebellious teens and adults?
These are some of the questions discussed in the PDF.

You can view the table here, (don’t forget to download)
Modern vs Traditional Ethics

This is an extract from my primary guide “The Preparedness Encyclopedia”.

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