The Rapture Survival Guide (TRSG) – Part 8 – Seeking Truth

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Seeking Truth
Many people will realize that the Christians they ignored their whole life were right and will seek the truth of what happened in the Bible. Unfortunately this will be extremely difficult with possible electricity and internet outages, the disinformation being proliferated by news outlets and the spiritual leaders calling it aliens or otherworldly beings. Christian content may be pulled from the entire internet by those in power further increasing the difficulty in finding the truth.

I recommended looking at the Christianity section on how to accept Jesus and follow His ways once you’re done here and you are seeking further answers. A few paragraphs below this section is also a list of biblically sound pastors who upload hours upon hours of amazing Christian content, most of which you can watch for free. Take a look and learn about the end times, our saviour Jesus Christ and the Bible.

If you’re looking for reliable Christian content on bible teaching take a look at the links below. I recommend downloading the free content as quickly as possible because:
● The servers of Christian believers won’t be renewed and will eventually go down
● Christians won’t be shipping physical digital content due to not being here anymore
● The antichrist and tech companies may try and remove as much of it as possible

If all else fails, read the Bible and the Christianity section in this document. If you need a bible, I have one uploaded on my server at: English KJV Bible
I also have bibles in most other languages on my website, head to the ‘Christianity > The Bible’ section to find the links.

Reliable Christian Content

Below are links to some of my favourite Christian resources who have kept me strong in the faith and true to the word of God.

Koinonia House (by Chuck Missler)
Koinonia House writes very interesting biblical-scientific posts and analyses. They also produce biblical study videos.
Koinonia House on YouTube

Alohabibleprophecy (by J.D. Farag)
J.D. has a spectacular grasp on Bible prophecy and regularly puts out prophecy updates and bible teachings.
Calvary Chapel Kaneohe
JDFarag on YouTube
JDFarag on Facebook

Get a Life Ministries (by Billy Crone)
Billy creates Christian videos about a huge array of topics from understanding God to the evils of the world.
Get A Life Media
Billy Crone on YouTube
Billy Crone on Vimeo

Olive Tree Ministries (by Jan Markell)
Jan has a weekly radio broadcast throughout America discussing current events.
Jan Markell on YouTube

Real Life with Jack Hibbs (by Jack Hibbs)
Jack uploads regular bible commentary, world updates and great content on every Christian topic.
Jack Hibbs on YouTube

Educating Our World (by Don Stewart)
Don Stewart regularly joins Jack Hibbs on his channel discussing the current times and has written a lot of free books.
Educating Our World

Behold Israel (by Amir Tsarfati)
Amir puts out constant, detailed Middle-East updates and Christian videos at least once a week.
Behold Israel
Amir Tsarfati on YouTube

Derek Prince Ministries (by Derek Prince)
Derek Prince was a remarkable scholar who has put out a lot of spot-on Christian content about Jesus and Christianity.
Derek Prince on YouTube

Australian Christian Lobby (by Martyn Iles)
ACL creates sound biblical videos explaining the biblical meaning behind the current issues of Australia.
ACL on YouTube

Fellowship Bible Chapel (by John Haller)
John puts out weekly prophecy updates and bible commentary with a very lawyer-based real-world emphasis.
Fellowship Bible Chapel
John Haller on YouTube
Remnant Truth Network (John Haller’s Video Backups)

The Truth About God (by Barry Stagner)
Barry and his church puts out great sermons a couple of times a week which is well grounded in scripture.
Barry Stagner on YouTube

Terry James
Terry doesn’t have a website but has written many great works of theology and the end times and often appears on the people’s above channels such as Jan Markell’s.
(Book) Deceivers: Exposing Evil Seducers & Their Last Days Deception
(Book) Discerners: Analyzing Converging Prophetic Signs for the End of Days
(Book) The American Apocalypse: Is the United States in Bible Prophecy?
(Book) Cauldron: Supernatural Implications of the Current Middle East and Why What Happens Next Will Be Important to You
(Book) Antichrist and the Final Solution: The Chronology of the future Finally revealed
Terry James featured on Jan Markell’s channel

Take A Stand! Ministries (by Eric Barger)
Eric uploads insightful christian content often and regularly appears as a co-host on Jan Markell’s Olive Tree Ministries.
Take A Stand! Ministries
Eric Barger on YouTube

Because What’s Coming Matters (by Dr Mark Hitchcock)
Mark often answers biblical questions posed to him by his followers in addition to his regular bible teachings.
Mark’s Website
Dr Mark Hitchcock on YouTube

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (by Billy Graham and Franklin Graham)
Billy Graham was an inspiring evangelist who became well-known internationally in the late 1940s. His son, Franklin now leads his ministry.
Billy’s Website
Billy Graham’s YouTube Channel

Walter Martin & Jill Martin Rische
Walter Martin wrote the book (literally) on understanding the cults of the world from a Christian perspective and Jill has kept them up to date with the changes that have occured since his passing.
(Book) The Kingdom of the Cults
(Book) The Kingdom of the Occult
Jill’s Blog

Lamb and Lion Ministries (By David Regan)
David specialises in end times bible prophecy and the events going on around the world today.
Lamb and Lion Ministries Website
Lamb and Lion Ministries on YouTube (By C.S. Lewis)
Even though it’s been many decades since his death, his memory lives on through his incredible works of Christianity such as Mere Christianity, The Chronicles of Narnia and The Screwtape Letters. These are well worth the read if you’re trying to learn about God.
(Book) Mere Christianity
(Book) The Screwtape Letters
(Book) The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Narnia)

Rapture & Tribulation Related Content

The Rapture Survival Guide (This Guide) (by Fluidic Ice)
The Rapture Survival Guide (TRSG)

The Rapture – The Blessed Hope (by Chuck Missler)
Chuck outlines and comments on the Rapture – our Blessed Hope.
The Rapture – The Blessed Hope (2 hrs)

4 Horses of Revelation (1 Hour Each Video) (by Chuck Missler)
These horses represent the first four seals in Revelation which Chuck discusses in extreme depth.
Behold a White Horse – Part 1
Behold a White Horse – Part 2
Behold a Red Horse – Part 1
Behold a Red Horse – Part 2
Behold a Black Horse – Part 1
Behold a Black Horse – Part 2
Behold a Livid Horse – Part 1
Behold a Livid Horse – Part 2

The Mystery of the Rapture (by Amir Tsarfati)
Amir discusses the soon coming rapture of the Church foretold in the Bible. 1 hour long video.
The Mystery of the Rapture

What the End Times Will Look Like? (by Jack Hibbs)
What the End Times Will Look Like? (1h 40m)

Who Told You About The End Times? (1 Hour Each Video) (by Jack Hibbs)
In this series, we will learn how to discern the voices of our day based on what scripture reveals.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Learn the Bible in 24 Hours (mp3 Audio Only) (by Chuck Missler)
This series outlines the entire bible in 24 1 hour sessions. It’s a great place to start learning about the bible as a whole.
Learn the Bible in 24 Hours (Audio)

Why Should I Trust the Bible? (Impact Video Ministries)
A well made video debating the reliability of the Bible, a good one to watch for those questioning Christianity. 15 minutes long.
Why Should I Trust the Bible?
● You can also watch my re-upload of it at the bottom of this page: Salvation
● Or on my ‘Evidence for God’ page: Evidence

The content on most of the sites above can be directly downloaded via buttons on their web pages however the content on YouTube requires a program to download them such as an MP3 download: YouTube to MP3 (free) or a video downloader such as: 4K Downloader (free trial).

I’ve also created a 1,500+ page document on preparedness if you’re living in the end times and are trying to survive. Of course you should trust God first and foremost to provide what you need but we need to apply some effort on our end as well. You can download it here: The Preparedness Encyclopedia (TPE)

If you’re after entertainment and want a Christian novel based on the events after the rapture, look up the “Left Behind” series written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. It’s a series of 16 novels set after the rapture takes place and ending with the second coming of Jesus. It follows the lives of Rayford Steele and his daughter Chloe and their struggle through the tribulation, while closely following a likely narrative of what could happen in the end times as depicted by the bible. The series ends with the second coming of Jesus.

If this post has made an impact on your life and you want to take the next step, head to:
Accepting Jesus

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