My Overlord Tempest 1440p ~120hz Monitor Arrived!

Finally, After much anticipation and agreeably a bit of worry, my 27″ IPS panel 1440p overclockable monitor arrived from overlord computers! If that juicy title hasn’t got you interested, read on for the full unboxing experience and how I set it up.

Firstly there are few words that can describe the unboxing pleasure of opening something new you’ve been waiting patiently for, so instead i’ll double the pictures and rant later about how good it looks. Although you should take note that this blog isn’t a review on the monitors specifications or performance but more of the aesthetics and the the transfer from overlord to me.

Well, as you can see the package is big, you could fit a small child inside the box, even though my box had a few scratches and minor holes in it there was no need to worry once I saw the bubble wrap they used to send it. The are the biggest bubbles i’ve ever seen wrapped around the entire box. There was also the paperwork attached to the front of the box which just has your invoice and details on it which was relatively boring compared to my excitement of knowing what was in the box.


Again there’s still not much to see other than boxception, As you can tell from the pictures however I purchased the X270OC version which will allow me to overclock the refresh rate of the monitor up to around 120hz which is what makes this monitor so desirable.

Above you can see the contents of the box, I bought the extra 1.8m DUAL-DVI cable (Visible in the top picture) for around $10 AU which was claimed to be more likely to support the overclocking speeds on the monitor. Below that you can see the power brick and it’s four pin connector which powers the monitor. It takes a typical 240v monitor wall plug which is included but the plug on the end is for American sockets, although it was no hassle finding one that fit as most monitors use this cable. You could also just use a socket converter from US to your local country, however overlord tells you on their website that the plug type will be US so I was expecting this.


Well here’s the cables for everything, still not very interesting yet as the best is yet to come. From top to bottom: First is the Dual link dvi cable bought specifically from overlord computer to support the high resolution and refresh rate of the monitor, up to 125hz if i’m not mistaken. This would have to be the sturdiest and thickest cable i’ve ever seen (probably to support what will be travelling through it), but it looks very well made. Next is just the box of all the other cables supplied with the monitor, there’s also another dual-link dvi in there just in case. Then there’s the US typical monitor/tower cable which I didn’t need so I threw it out being in Australia. And lastly a typical 3.5mm male to male sound cable to plug into the monitor. (I completely forgot there’s speakers hidden somewhere on it until I wrote this)

The monitor stand was surprisingly rigid and heavy providing a good solid surface for the monitor, you can also see the four rubber feet on the bottom to prevent it from sliding around on your desk. It was very easy to assemble to the actual monitor as well, all you have to do is put the monitor on top and press it down and it will lock into place. I haven’t tried disassembling it yet (Because there’s no real point), but I would assume it would just pull apart or press a latch and pull it.


Finally for the actual monitor. In the first image you can see the ports, Dual-DVI, audio-in and the power input. The monitor has the ability to be mounted with 100mm VESA mounts onto a different frame, I myself would love to do this with 3 monitors side by side although no GPU on earth would be able to power those things at a solid 120hz 1440p. The next picture is just the under-side of the monitor where it connects to the base. The next picture is the sticker on the back of the monitor displaying some information about it and it’s power consumption. And last of all are the buttons on the lower right corner of the monitor. It should be noted that the power LED turns green when it’s on and red when it’s on standby unlike many other monitors where the red standby could just mean there’s no input from the monitor or that you need to move the mouse to wake it up.

The monitor has a pretty dazzling effect when taking pictures with the flash in front of it, where random colors burst from the flash point, and i’m not terribly sure why, I just know it looks awesome. But anyway there it is, in all it’s 1440p goodness. The monitor is actually very glossy and almost like a mirror, it’s fairly annoying when there’s a large glare coming from your window, as you either have to shut it or turn the monitor away from it. The buttons are easy to press and are very easily accessible by feeling around for them in the dark.(Which I tend to do a lot) It rocks a fair bit when the table is bumped but not as much as people on the forums are saying, i’d call it about average. Although the stand in general is very simple, there’s no height adjustment therefore you see my old GPU box under the monitor which actually has the GPU inside to raise it higher. There’s very limited (to no) tilt adjustment but I’ve never really needed to change that on my previous monitors if it’s at the correct height.


Those are just a few pictures of my setup with the monitor setup. I had to download some 1440p wallpapers to make the most of the desktop obviously which look phenomenal with all their detail, especially on 120hz. If you were expecting a review of the monitor that will come later once I’ve taken it for a test drive on multiple games, and I think this blog is long enough already. I’ll add the link to the bottom of this page when it’s complete though like I linked to this page from the “I bought an overlord monitor” post. There’s currently only one 1440p video you can readily download to test the awesome might of the monitor, and that’s a torrent of scenic landscapes and stars which is fantastic on the monitor! Here’s the link if you want to download it: 1440p Video Torrent This is a legal torrent as well, so don’t worry about getting emails about it.

The postage was actually very fast to Australia from LA, it took in total, from payment, 6 days which was 2 days less than another Australian who got his in 8 days but just a little further south than me.

If you’re interested in purchasing one of these beauties check out the overlord website!

Anyway thanks for reading, stay tuned for the review on this monitor! Feel free to leave a comment with any questions you may have on it.


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